5 Japanese Anime & Video Game Locations in Real Life

16 January 2019 by Nic

5 Japanese Anime & Video Game Locations in Real Life

Who else loves to watch Japanese anime or play video games while enjoying their Japanese snacks? Anime and video games from Japan often feature a lot of really awesome festivals, locations, and aspects about Japanese culture. Have you ever wondered what those anime or game locations look like in real life? We gathered a few examples below to see how real to life anime and video games can be!

Persona 5

Persona 5 is a popular J-RPG that takes place in downtown Tokyo. One feature of the game is how life-like the city was. People were bustling around, the ambient sounds made it feel like you were really walking through Tokyo, and the locations were incredibly spot on! The picture above is a great representation of how everyday areas in the Persona 5 universe really capture the areas they were inspired by.

Boy and the Beast, Tokyo Ghoul, and more!

There are many, many areas that feature the well-known area of Shibuya. More specifically, the Shibuya Crossing. Most animes show this area as filled with people who all at once cross the street in various fashions going every which way. That is pretty spot on, honestly. The moment the crosswalk light turns green, a wave of people crashes across the streets and then it will suddenly stop the moment the light turns red.

Your Name

Your Name, one of the most recent stand out anime films that got global attention, was very realistic when it came to its locations. It led many people to actually go out and hunt down the locations featured in the film and take pictures as though they were part of the film! If you look at the example above, you can see just how incredibly detailed the environments are in Your Name.

Spirited Away

Spirited Away is a visually fascinating movie with scenes that enthrall the viewer. The town that Chihiro finds herself running through was actually inspired by a village in Taiwan. Both the anime version and the real one are beautiful areas that inspire beauty!

Persona 4

Did you know Persona 4 was inspired by an area of Japan known as Yamanashi Prefecture? This prefecture can become very foggy after rainy days and is very rural, much like the setting of Persona 4. Not only that, but the station that the main character gets off at the very beginning is actually a real station in Yamanshi known as Isawa Onsen Station. However, it was recently rebuilt so it no longer looks like the photo above.

What are your favorite animes and video games? Let us know in the comments below!

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