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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogFive Rare Japanese Fanta Flavors You Must Try!

Five Rare Japanese Fanta Flavors You Must Try!

By Catarina Guedes-Almeida
February 15, 2022

Japan is home to many unique and delicious flavors. It has weird ramen flavors, interesting Pocky flavors, and tons of fruit gummy flavors. So why not introduce those flavors into the fizzy soda drink, Fanta? Actually, they already have and there are now plenty of Japanese Fanta flavors out there for you to try. 

What Makes Fanta Different?

Fanta, a Coca Cola brand drink, is a delicious bubbly soda known for its fruity flavors and carbonated fizziness. Fanta has a variety of flavors, a lot that are centered around the country they are sold in. The most well-known flavor is their original orange. 

While the classic orange Fanta is also sold in Japan, the taste is different, with a clear distinction between the Fanta sold in the United States and Japan. Unlike in the U.S, the Fanta in Japan includes real orange juice and extract. 

Another more distinct difference includes the unique Japanese flavors that take fruitiness to the next level. The most common Japanese Fanta flavors that you can find at your local konbini (Japanese convenience store) are orange, grape, and melon. 

Bottles of orange Fanta, one of many Japanese Fanta flavors in Japan, on a shelf in a row at a supermarket.
Japanese Fanta shows off its foreign and Japanese roots by having the name in both English and Japanese. Image via Shutterstock

Like the orange flavor, grape also includes real grape juice. As soon as you open the bottle, the sweet grape aroma escapes and surrounds you. It also has a really entrancing purple red, almost wine, color. 

Orange and grape may be pretty common, but melon soda is only one of Japan’s original drinks. It has an unbelievably sweet and energizing taste. It also has a pretty shocking bright green color that adds to the quirkiness. 

While we can rely on orange, grape, and even melon to be readily available to drink, there are rare Japanese Fanta flavors that are native to the country and are sold only for a limited time. Here are five flavors that you must try if given the chance!

Need help finding some of the unique Fanta flavors on this list? Check out TokyoTreat! TokyoTreat sends the latest Japanese drinks, snacks, and sweets right to your door straight from Tokyo so you don’t have to search for it! TokyoTreat was able to snag the limited-edition Japanese Citrus fruit flavor for March’s box.

Fanta Japanese Citrus 

This limited-edition Japanese Fanta is made with the sweet and sour tasting Iyokan citrus native to Japan. When first opening it, it smells like a tangy tangerine. It’s very fizzy and refreshing. The bright color and taste are almost like a beacon of light for the spring season to come. 

If you’re wondering what the difference is between the orange flavor and the Japanese citrus flavor, the Japanese citrus tastes sweeter while also having that bit of tartness. Luckily, this Fanta flavor is available at the konbini right now but how long will it last?

Fun fact! The kanji decorating the top of the bottle means it’s limited edition (kikan gentei 期間限定).

Fanta Shine Muscat

The Shine Muscat flavor is generally available during the fall and winter season. The Shine Muscat is a large, seedless table grape with a light green skin. Combined with soda, it provides another distinct sweet taste that differs from the standard grape Fanta. 

Two boxes full of packs of Shine Muscat grapes, a popular flavor in Japan, with a misspelled sign at a supermarket.
Shine Muscat is a popular fruit in Japan, and it shows in just how many things are shine muscat-flavored, like drinks, fruit gummies, and ice cream. Image via Shutterstock

Fanta Peach 

Fanta Peach or (Hakutō 白桃) is the epitome of peach soda drinks. The white peach is a delectably sweet fruit. Its bubblegum pink design is adorable, and it smells like candied peaches! This Fanta flavor is a seasonal drink usually released in the summer and fall season. 

This limited-edition white peach Fanta drink is a definite must-try.

Fanta Salty Lychee

The Fanta Salty Lychee, originally released in the summer of 2019, was a truly refreshing special edition drink. Lychee itself is a really sweet tropical fruit. Combined with salt, it provides the perfect flavor combination that can help battle the summer heat. 

Fanta Okinawa Shikuwasa Fruit

Three cans of Shikuwasa citrus Fanta from Okinawa, one of the rarest Japanese Fanta flavors, in front of a white background.
These guys are the rarest of their kind because it is also a location-based Fanta flavor. Image via Shutterstock

The Shikuwasa fruit Fanta is truly the rarest of all Japanese Fanta flavors. This drink is only sold within Okinawa making it’s taste truly a mystery for many. The Shikuwasa citrus fruit, also known as Shikuwasa limes, gives the drink a unique, refreshing citrus flavor. 

Japan is not only home to the most mouth-watering, rarest Japanese snacks or chewy Japanese fruit gummies, but it is also home to rare delicious fruity sodas! These Japanese Fanta flavors are truly a must-try for any soda fan who wants to explore Japan and try its unique yet tasty flavors. 

These flavors may be hard to find, but you can purchase limited-edition flavors such as the Fanta Japanese Citrus fruit, Fanta Shine Muscat, Fanta White Peach, and more at JapanHaul. 

Have you ever tried these rare Japanese Fanta flavors? Share with us what your most favorite Japanese Fanta flavors are in the comment section!

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