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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogThe Mario Dining Experience: Mario Cafe and Toad Cafe

The Mario Dining Experience: Mario Cafe and Toad Cafe

Thuy FangThuy Fang
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September 01, 2022
An photograph of a doll of Mario (the plumber) jumping across a ditch in World 1-1.

If you’re a fan of Super Mario – the king of video games – going to Universal Studios Japan to visit Super Nintendo World is definitely a cool idea for your next trip to Japan. Even better, try taking some time to enjoy the meals and drinks at some of Super Nintendo World’s restaurants for a memorable experience. Let’s take a brief look into the dining experience at Super Nintendo World’s Mario Cafe and Toad Cafe.

About the Mario Cafe and Toad Cafe

Mario Cafe

Even though Super Nintendo World was suspended at the end of 2020 due to Covid-19, the Mario Cafe was officially open to the public in October of the same year for some Super Nintendo goodness. Super Nintendo World is unique to Universal Studios Japan, so you can’t get the Super Mario experience at any other Japanese amusement parks. Coming to this Mario-themed cafe, you’ll definitely have a chance to indulge yourself in Super Mario’s world. 

The inside of the Mario Cafe was designed with a colorful brick-themed background which will definitely remind its customers of lively scenes from the iconic Super Mario franchise. On the walls, there are numerous recognizable items and characters from this famous video game, such as square brick blocks, an adorable Super Star, and even a neon Piranha Plant coming out from the iconic green warp pipe. 

More impressive, the food ordering area will draw your utmost attention with both their displays and the staff. The menu of food and beverages here are also really eye-catching thanks to the golden coins hung up as well as Mario’s and Luigi’s caps displayed. 

Since the Mario cafe is a kind of fast-casual diner and the lines can be very long with people queuing up, it’s recommended that you get your food and take it somewhere else outside. Then, you can dig in at your leisure.

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Toad Cafe

This restaurant was named after Toad – the long-time servant of Princess Peach, one of the cutest Nintendo characters, and also the head chef of this fine establishment. Fun fact: His original Japanese name is Kinopio, so the cafe is also called the Kinopio Cafe. Having a full meal at the Toad Cafe will certainly give a lot of power to both your body and mind.

The outside of this restaurant really looks like a giant polka-dot mushroom, and the inside will attract customers with a wooden style complete with wood furniture. Different from the Mario Cafe, the Toad Cafe is a bigger restaurant that has a spacious, cozy, and full-furnished area for customers to dine in. 

And don’t forget to meet and greet Chef Toad as well as watch the inside of Toad’s kitchen via an artificial window when walking through the entrance. Plus, you can easily see a variety of cute power-up items like the Fire Flower and Super Mushroom, appearing almost everywhere in the restaurant.  

Must-Try Menu Items

Mario Cafe

At the Mario Cafe, there aren’t so many options among the iconic food and drinks. However, you have to try at least one of the two pancake sandwiches, which are in the shape of both Mario and Luigi’s cap. If you’re a strawberry person, go with Mario’s cap (Strawberry Shortcake). Or if you love muscat flavor, then Luigi’s savory cap (Grape No-bake Cheesecake) is surely made for you. 

In addition to the sweet sandwiches, you should have yourself a cup of fruity Italian cream soda. There’s 3 different flavors of creamy soda for you: peach, strawberry, and green apple. Each flavor is relevant to one of three characters in Super Mario: Princess Peach, Mario, and Luigi. You’ll also find more delicious specialties about this drink with every sip, so don’t hesitate to give it a shot. 

Also, there’s plenty of various popular drinks on the menu, ranging from soft drinks to teas in order to expand your options. You can also choose either hot or cold for some of the drinks on the menu. And if you’d like your drink stored in a lovely Super Mushroom drink bottle, you can get it from the cafe for an extra charge.

Toad Cafe

A big diner like the Toad Cafe will never disappoint you because of the diversity in its menu. All of the dishes look really unique, tasty, and harmonious. Each of them is presented in a very fun way and are inspired by the characters in Super Mario.

The food and drinks at Toad Cafe are definitely great and delicious, but here’s a quick recommendation for your blissful dining experience at the restaurant: 

Appetizer: Super Mushroom Pizza Bowl with Mushroom Tomato Sauce

Soup: Mushroom Soup

Salad: Piranha Plant Caprese

Main course: Mario’s Bacon Cheeseburger

Dessert: Question Block Tiramisu

Beverage: Super Star Hot Yuzu Lemonade

The Best Things To Do 

First, please remember to find the Question Block inside the Mario Cafe then hit it from the bottom to see what will happen. It can also be a fun way for you to kill time while waiting in line to order. Other than that, don’t forget to stop by the Mario Cafe store to get yourself and your friends some cute souvenirs.

Also, when you visit the Toad Cafe, don’t forget to activate your power-up band to gain secret items from the gift box inside the restaurant. Go and find it!

We hope that reading about this dining experience has you planning your next trip to Japan to  drop by the Mario Cafe and the Toad Cafe. If you want to know about Super Nintendo World, check out the official Super Nintendo World English website!

Let us know what you want to try in the comments below!

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