TokyoTreat | December 2020 Theme - Merry Snackmas!

31 October 2020 by Oliver

Japanese Christmas KFC?!

Christmas in Japan means many things - Santa, spending time with loved ones and… KFC? That’s right! KFC is big in Japan! But why?

Christmas culture is relatively new in Japan, and there was no custom of a Christmas Dinner before 1970, after the first manager of a KFC overheard a foreigner living in Japan say they missed turkey, and chicken was the next best thing. The concept took off thanks to a successful ad campaign and cemented itself as THE Japanese Christmas Dinner!

Ever since, KFC has become more and more popular every year! Some people wait in long lines for their KFC and others even take reservations! In 2019, KFC Japan made 5% of their annual sales on Christmas Eve! 

So if you want to try enjoying Christmas like people do in Japan - grab a KFC (and have some TokyoTreat snacks for dessert)!

This Month's Box

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