TokyoTreat | May 2020 Theme - Non-Stop Sakura Party!

31 March 2020 by Oliver

Our Top 5 Sakura Treats You Can Get Delivered To You!

Hanami parties are a timeless tradition in Japan and people love watching cherry blossoms with lots of food and drink! In the past, people would prepare lots of snacks and lunch boxes before going. But now more than ever, people are using delivery services and apps like Uber Eats! 

The delivery people will even deliver to your picnic spot in the park or straight to your house! What would you eat? Maybe some spring exclusive sakura treats? We’ve listed our top 5 Japanese sakura menu items you can get delivered to you in Tokyo!

1. Taco Fanatic’s Matcha and Red Bean Flavored Sakura Taco (wrapped in a salty sakura leaf)!


2. The Alley’s Sakura Soy Matcha Latte


3. Momi & Toys Harajuku’s Sakura Bubble Tea


4. Sakura Matcha Collon Cookies from Conbini Lawson (Yes! They have takeout from convenience stores!) 


5. Starbucks Sakura Cherry Frappuccino


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