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30 September 2020 by Oliver

Sweet Potato - The Ultimate Japanese Autumn Snack!

Probably the most famous fall snack all around the world is sweet potato! It’s the perfect pre-winter warmer! And Japan is no exception! But how is Japanese sweet potato (Satsumaimo) different and where did it come from? Let’s find out!


Originally, the sweet potato Japan knows today came from southern China, and was brought over by scholars to modern day Okinawa as they thought it would grow well in the mild climate and would be able to survive the harsh typhoons. Gradually the potato began to move north and was well loved due to its sweet taste and durability against harsh weather. 

Over time, the sweet potato became tied to fall, and many street vendors began selling roasted sweet potatoes that people break in half and enjoy on cold days! They have a purple skin and a highly concentrated sweetness that is perfect for desserts. They are firmer or drier than western sweet potatoes, making them easier to eat while you walk!


Today sweet potato is a well loved street food and sweet treat! KitKat Japan even made a sweet potato Japanese KitKat! Another popular dish with students is Daigaku Imo (university potato), candied sweet potatoes that are a cheap and easy sweet snack!

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