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31 August 2020 by Oliver

TokyoTreat’s Top 5 Spooky & Scary Anime To Watch This Halloween!

Halloween is a spooktacular time to be alive (or undead)! With all the delicious candy, fun decorations and cool costumes, what’s not to love about the spookiest time of year! This year we might be having a tough time getting to Halloween parties, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a scary anime marathon! So check out our top 5 anime for a Halloween scare!

5. Attack on Titan


It might not be a typical Horror anime, but that doesn’t make it any less scary! In a world plagued with giants (called Titans), an elite group are tasked with keeping their city safe from the giant tyrants. Fans of blood and gore will be right at home with the terrifying images of their favorite characters being eaten by the scarily realistic humanoids! 

4. Another


School can be a terrifying place - especially when your classroom has a curse placed on it. Our protagonist Kouichi is dealing with a school filled with ghosts and gore, alongside being the only person who can seemingly see one of his homeroom classmates.   

3. Shiki


In a world filled with sparkly vampires, Shiki is bringing back some old school scary vampires! Full of plot twists and turns, one doctor starts to uncover the reason why the population is drastically decreasing (spoiler: vampires are involved)!

2. Death Note


A classic and perfect for lovers of psychological thrillers, watch as Light Yagami tries to cleanse the world of criminals, while his arch nemesis L works to take him down! Add in some supernatural elements and a few apples and you have one of the most popular anime of the last 20 years!

1. Mushishi


Into some ghostly goings on? Then check out Mushishi! This anime is set in fictional Japan from the early 1900’s, and follows our protagonists helping to protect people from spooky mushi and help them live hand in hand with humans, solving ghostly illnesses along the way!

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