TokyoTreat vs Bokksu: Which is the Best Japanese Snack Box?

26 August 2021 by Oliver

Since the events of 2020, Japanese snack boxes are a great way to grab some Japanese treats without ever leaving home! TokyoTreat has an awesome monthly selection of Japan-Exclusive and seasonal snacks. But there are also plenty of other snack boxes to try too. 

One of the most popular options is Bokksu, another monthly Japanese snack box. But what is the difference between TokyoTreat and Bokksu? Let’s take a look further into what TokyoTreat and Bokksu offer.

Snacks on Offer

TokyoTreat and Bokksu both offer Japanese candy and snacks - but what exactly is the difference? TokyoTreat focuses more on Japanese snacks and treats rooted in Japanese modern pop culture and unique, limited edition flavors. Bokksu offers a snack experience that blends some traditional flavors while mixing in some popular, mass-produced snacks. 

While both offer uniquely Japanese flavors and Japan-exclusive snacks, TokyoTreat’s specialty is the latest and coolest Japanese snacks! Japanese anime fans and people who want a taste of modern Japan will find what they’re looking for in TokyoTreat! From the newest and coolest Japanese KitKat flavors to limited edition Japanese soda and ramune

In your TokyoTreat box, you’ll score:

  • A Japanese Drink (Soda or Soft Drink - 180-500ml)
  • A Limited-Edition Japanese KitKat Party Pack (12 Pcs.)
  • Cool and crazy full-sized popular Japanese chips, candy & more with seasonal flavors, such as sakura.

In your first Bokksu box. You’ll score:

  • Japanese green tea
  • A tasting selection of Japanese candy and senbei, including soy sauce and sesame flavors.

For those who are interested in special seasonal selections from the very start, TokyoTreat is what you’re looking for.

With a new and unique seasonal theme every month, no two months are the same! So if you see something that you just have to have, don’t wait too long! It could be gone! Bokksu also offers many great seasonal themes, but as the first box will always be the same, you need to plan ahead.

Want to snack on Japan-exclusive Kit Kats, soda, and other Japanese candy & snacks ASAP? TokyoTreat delivers a delicious Japanese snack experience for you to enjoy at home!

Snack Weight and Volume

TokyoTreat offers 17 full-sized Japanese snacks, while Bokksu offers 20. However the average TokyoTreat box weighs 1.2kg+ (2.7 lbs+) whereas Bokksu weighs on average 0.75kg (1.5lb). This is due to TokyoTreat offering only full sized snacks and Japan-exclusive sodas. But the result means more Japanese snacking for you!

To compare the volume of TokyoTreat and Bokksu, check out the photos below. TokyoTreat's is on top, and Bokksu's is on the bottom:

Price & Shipping

  • TokyoTreat: $35 + $12.50 for Shipping (3-5 Day Shipping to US)
  • Bokksu: $49.95 (7-42 Day Shipping Included)

Thanks to our close partnership with our shipping couriers, TokyoTreat is able to offer super high speed shipping that ensures your snacks get to you quickly and safely. Because shipping it from Tokyo doesn’t mean you have to wait an extended period to get your snack on! You can check here to see how fast shipping is to your country here! 


Bokksu is a New York based company. And TokyoTreat is a Japanese company based in the heart of Tokyo! We started in 2015 when our founder Ayumi Chikamoto had an idea after sending snacks to her friends overseas for years. 

In the 6 years since we’ve started, we’ve been able to make great relationships with Japanese snack companies, meaning we’re able to bring you the newest and hottest snacks on the market! And trust us - we’ve got more coming that will knock your socks off! All of our curation team are native Japanese too, giving us a realistic view of what is popular in Japan right now!

Our design, photography and marketing team are all Tokyo based too, giving you an awesome window into real life here in Tokyo!

From the fastest access to new snacks to being able to share more about life here, being based in Tokyo has many advantages!


No matter which snack box you go for, you’ll get a taste of Japan in every box. But your option can impact your experience A LOT. From volume, variety and exclusivity, TokyoTreat has you covered. Every month we’re proud to put together a selection of cool Japanese snacks that represent an awesome theme - and get it to you ASAP!

Why not take a look at what Japanese treats will be coming this way in the best Japanese snacks and sweets that represent modern Japan this month? Check out this month’s offering from TokyoTreat!

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