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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogTokyoTreat’s Ultimate Guide to Ramune

TokyoTreat’s Ultimate Guide to Ramune

By oliver
June 30, 2021

Japanese snacks taste even better when you wash them down with one of Japan’s most iconic drinks – Ramune!

Sometimes it is known as marble soda, due to the glass marble in the neck of the bottle that acts as a stopper.

But this Japanese lemonade is something special. Not only is it fun to open but it also comes in plenty of unique and interesting flavors. Why not take a look at our Ultimate Guide to Ramune here and learn more about this tasty drink with a long history!

But if you're in the mood for a tasty Japanese soda of your own, make sure to take a look at TokyoTreat!

All About Ramune Candy!

Ramune is not just about the drinks themselves, you know! Inspired by the delicious Japanese soft drink, these popular Japanese fizzy candies are beloved by people both young and old. 

Japanese candy is known for coming in many delicious flavors, and the fizzy texture makes the ramune flavored candy so unique. Learn more about these unique Japanese sweets with TokyoTreat!

How To Open Ramune: The Ultimate Guide!

Ramune is the king of Japanese carbonated drinks and has been popular since it was introduced to Japan in 1884! It’s known for being a Japanese summer favorite and for its cool bottle design with a marble in the top that acts as a unique stopper which helps to control the flow of liquid so that you get a perfectly refreshing amount with each sip. 

But so many people end up asking the same question…  “How do I open my ramune bottle?”

The glass marble in the top makes it a super fun Japanese drinking experience and it’s a major part of the charm. And the Codd-neck bottle stops the marble from getting out, meaning it’s totally safe – even for kids! 

But opening a bottle of Japanese ramune can be tricky. The stopper is unique to this kind of glass bottle, and many people don’t quite get what to do immediately. Don’t worry though – Let us walk you through the steps and you’ll be enjoying your delicious ramune soda in no time!

QUIZ: What Flavor of Ramune Are You?

Some questions have plagued the human race since the beginning of time.

Maybe the most important of all… what flavor would I be if I was a bottle of ramune? 

Japan’s iconic Codd-neck bottle soda, with its intricate marble design, has so many unique and crazy flavors under its belt. And now, with TokyoTreat’s new quiz, you can find out where you stand in the diverse and fascinating world of ramune!

Will you find out your soul has an affinity for the fresh and floral Sakura Ramune, or maybe the elegant Matcha Ramune? Perhaps you’ll find out you’re a more mysterious flavor!

Every month Japanese snack subscription TokyoTreat brings you the freshest, limited edition drinks Japan has to offer. Sign up this month and enjoy your own soda treat!

Sakura Ramune Review

Cherry blossom season is one of the most important seasons in Japan! Every year we see Japan in spring become a fantastic pink wonderland. Pink cherry blossom blooms bring visitors from all over the world to enjoy the special sakura season.

The only thing better than the breathtaking early-mid April full bloom scenery are all the tasty sakura snacks. Japanese food revolves around the seasons, and sakura flavors are the pinnacle of spring sweets.

From sakura mochi to sakura infused tea – sakura is one of Japan’s favorite springtime flavors. The TokyoTreat team was able to score a bottle of the Sakura Ramune that was a part of our April 2021 box. Here is what we had to think about the Japan-limited edition soda.

The History of Ramune – The Much Loved Japanese Lemonade

Ramune is a staple in the world of Japanese soda. For over a century, people in Japan, both children and adults alike, have loved and enjoyed this delicious Japanese lemonade. 

Thanks to its refreshing flavor, glass bottle and a little creative magic, it made it through the 20th century, when many of its counterparts faded into obscurity. But did you know – it was originally sold as medicine?!

But how has this drink been able to overcome the test of time to become one of the most beloved drinks in Japan? Let’s find out the origins of Japanese ramune.

TokyoTreat’s Top 5 2021 Japanese Summer Festival Foods!

Summer festivals in Japan (or Natsu Matsuri) are a must-experience event, beloved equally by adults and children alike! Every August, Japanese shrines are covered with lanterns and fun game stalls to invite people from all around the neighborhood to have a good time! 

Nothing is like the experience of crossing the shrine's torii gates in a light yukata (summer kimono), then slowly walking around the shrine and taking in the energy of the lively booths. And to top it all off, beautiful fireworks are sure to finish off the wonderful summer evening!

But the best part – the Japanese festival food!

Stalls show off the best street food Japan has to offer. The sound of delicious and indulgent sweets being fried or prepared adds ambiance to the lively festival atmosphere. The hardest part of it all is picking exactly what you’ll be snacking on. But it should all be enjoyed with an ice-cold ramune on a hot summer night!

Check out our top picks for what to eat and drink at a Japanese summer festival!

TokyoTreat's Top 5 Must Try Ramune Flavors

The classic Japanese lemonade that has been loved in Japan for over a century, is no stranger to experimentation.

Makers are always pushing the flavor boundaries. Starting with its classic lemon lime flavor, ramune gradually expanded out into some fun (and slightly weird) soda flavors. 

From floral and fun Japanese flavors to downright crazy concoctions, ramune has seen it all. So let’s explore our top 5 must try flavors! 

We love all things ramune! And what’s better than reading about ramune? Well, drinking it of course! If you’re a Japanese soda fan, then make sure to take a look at TokyoTreat’s soda this month. Every month brings a new chance to try an interesting and unique flavor straight from Japan. Are you ready?

Got any more ramune topics for us to dig into? Leave them down in the comments below!

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Enjoy Delicious Japanese Candy And Snacks Every Month!

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