Japan Crate vs. Tokyo Treat Japanese Candy Box

Looking for an alternative to Japan Crate?

You’re looking in the right place! It’s time to treat yourself to the best Japanese snack box around!

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1. Packed

Feel the value with every box!

Our boxes are filled to the brim with the latest Japanese candy, snacks, and drinks! You won’t see a box of just smaller snacks. You’ll be shocked at all the larger, full size snacks and drinks you squeeze in the box!

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2. Quality & Quantity

Receive only the highest quality snacks!

We take pride in ensuring that our box has the highest quality snacks in large sizes, not just a bunch of dagashi. You’ll get party packs of treats like Japanese Kit Kats, Pocky, and more every month! Every box has the most sought after brands in sizes that you can share.

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3. Newest Flavors

Get only the trendiest snacks!

Expect to find only the newest flavors and textures in this Japanese food box. We work hard to ensure you can try all the trending foods before anyone else. For example, we have recently included Peach Cola, Coca-Cola Clear, and Banana Kit Kats

4. Something For Everyone

No matter your preference, there is something for you!

Rather than a box full of just sweets, you’ll get a mix of sweet, savory, sour, and spicy! You’ll get anime snacks, healthy foods, party packs, and share packs. This box is the best to either share with others or keep for yourself

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our boxes are shipped straight from Tokyo!

Every single snack and candy is sourced from Japan!

We ship worldwide!

Immediately after your first order and future payments are based on your chosen plan.

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