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Japanese Artist Creates Cute Lifelike Cat Plushies from Wool!

24 July 2018 by Marie

After stuffing yourself full with cute cat themed sweets at this Japanese cafe and giving yourself brain freeze by drinking the new Starbucks peach Frappe too quickly, you just want to snuggle up with your plushies at home whilst scrolling through YumeTwins feed, right? During which you may have seen this Japanese artist Wakuneco who has been taking the internet by storm lately with her cute cat portrait plushies. These incredibly realistic cat portraits are made with wool using a technique called needle felting. Sadly the portraits are quite fragile so you can’t snuggle with them like you would do a normal plushie, but they are super cute to look at!

Wakuneco’s portraits are modeled after real cats! She works from photos her clients have sent in to create portraits so realistic they’re difficult to distinguish from the real thing. She also incorporates whiskers shed from the original cat themselves to make the experience even more personalised.

For those who want to memorise a beloved pet that has passed away or want a portrait of their fur baby that will last forever, these adorable plush portraits would make the perfect personalised gift. Its incredible to think that the artist can take wool and create such cute hyper-realistic portraits from such a simple material.

Its very time consuming and delicate work, and for now Wakuneco only ships to Japan, but they have plans to ship internationally in the near future! So you could soon own your very own cute felted cat plushie from Wakuneco!

If you're interested in the artists process and how she makes the cat portraits you can check out the video below to see how she does it:

You can also check out her Youtube for more videos about her work and her Instagram.

What do you think about Wakuneco's adorable plushie cat portraits? Would you like one of your pet? Let us know in the comments!

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