Japanese Candy For Halloween Is Joined By Creepy Kawaii Fast Food!

22 September 2017 by Nic

Japan is well known for its creative Halloween Japanese candy, but do you know what else is often crafted with Halloween spirit? I mean, besides those awesome pies! That's right! Japanese fast food! Lotteria is a well-known hamburger chain famous for crazy creations and collaborations. For Halloween, Lotteria decided to craft their burgers with kawaii monsters in mind and it looks so cute! We want to sink our teeth into this, but we are afraid it might bite back! So, are you ready to check out these spooky dishes? Check out the pictures below!

As you can see, the food packaging is brightly colored in Halloween colors such as pumpkin orange, dark purple, and an eerie pink. We love the designs and the colors! It perfectly fits the Halloween spirit! On top of that, it also just looks so delicious! 

Lotteria broils the burgers to perfection and tops them with all the necessary ingredients, like pickles, cheese, lettuce, etc. Just looking at this makes us drool! Many people also use the wrapped burgers to cover their mouth and take funny photos! These make great Instragram photos for sure! However, a more monstrous idea definitely influences the next burger...

Isn't this burger so creative! Bacon helps create a tongue which brings a more ferocious feeling to this burger! The creepily cute container above contains the burger and fries for a great Halloween meal. We only wish something like olives topped the burger to give it spooky eyes!

Last but not least, as with most campaigns in Japan, there are kawaii characters that help represent the new items! Japanese snack producer Lotte's characters are assisting Lotteria for this seasonal treat! The characters dress in famous Halloween costumes. This helps add a bit more of Halloween flair to these already ghastly adorable food items!

So, are you enchanted by these Halloween hamburger meals? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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