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Japanese Twitter User Spends $1600 On Original 151 Pokemon Plushies

29 November 2018 by Ebf98b645fb767fcb26dd4f3f96feb8000252499 unnamed 4 cropped Marie

Earlier this year it was announced that the original 151 Pokemon were getting new plushies made of them. It was more exciting news for all the Pokemon fans out there as this year we also got the Pokemon Cafe with the new Pokemon DX Megacenter in Tokyo, and just last week it was announced that there would be an Eevee x Tamagotchi collaborration coming soon. And of course if you were a fan of the original 151 then of course you'd have to pick up a couple of your absolute favourites in plushie form right?

Well for Japanese twitter user Sekai, it turns out he just couldn't pick a few favourites, so he bought all 151 of them! Which set him back a hefty price of 180,000 Japanese yen or 1600 US Dollars.

If you're wondering where on earth he has the space to put all 151 Pokemon plushies, Sekai has a large shelving unit perfect for the job! Though in the pictures you can clearly see doubles of some Pokemon, so Sekai's collection must contain more than 151 plushies... We wonder how many he actually has in total!

In Japanese there's actually a special word for purchases like Sekai's, it's called Otonagai (大人買い) and consists of the word for adult (otona) and buy (kau) and it means when adults spend a large amount of money on a lot of toys or collectibles aimed at children, because when you're a kid it's not likely you'll be able to buy all of those 151 kawaii plushies with your allowance right? But you're an adult now so you can!

What do you make of Sekai's otonagai purchase of 151 plushies? Too much? Or just very dedicated? Is there a series/collectibles that you would spend 1600 dollars on? Let us know in the comments!

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