Japanese Snacks Are Great, But Sometimes We Enjoy An Ice Cream Break!

07 September 2017 by F40e5d3bcef456e171167cf9d02f633a40cdd15a nicholass avatar Nic

We love Japanese snacks! Still, sometimes we need a refreshing change of pace. So, we go for that delicious Japanese ice cream! And where better to go for some unique flavors than Harajuku!? Harajuku is one of our favorite spots to scout out some delicious new eats that are tasty and kawaii at the same time! Since we have found some really good places, we wanted to introduce them to our Tokyo Treat family! So, are you ready to feast your eyes upon these icy treats!?

First, we have this colorfully cute ice cream cone from Coisof! This ice cream is famous for two reasons: its rich flavor and its various textures. The ice cream is a flavorful white and black sesame, and it is topped with sweet, fluffy balls! Isn't this just so kawaii!?

Next, we have rolled ice cream! This is such a unique idea that makes ice cream so dangerously easy to eat! This creation can be found at Roll Ice Cream Factory! First, you order a flavor and the staff pours melted ice cream onto a frozen tray. The staff member then peels it, which forms the roll shape. Then, they add various toppings to finish it off! This is such a neat way to cool off!

Last, we have the ultra-kawaii ice cream from Eddy's Ice Cream! Customers get to choose a flavor of soft serve ice cream. The customers get to choose various creative toppings to customize their dessert! This leads to some incredibly stylish creations!

So, have you been taking notes so you know where to visit in Harajuku for some adorable Japanese snacks!? Let us know which of these ice cream cones you would get first in the comments below!

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