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Kawaii Sanrio Character Costumes Perfect For Halloween!

11 October 2018 by Marie

Halloween! Our favourite time of the year at YumeTwins! Not only is our office stacked to the brim with delicious Halloween candies from TokyoTreat, but we have lots of kawaii Halloween items and plushies about from our kawaii box too! In the past, Halloween wasn't a very well known holiday in Japan, but in recent years it's gotten much more popular with Japan developing it's own unique ways of celebrating Halloween! With dressing up in costume and partying being the most popular it's ever been, let's take a look at these kawaii Sanrio costumes you can get your hands on this spooky season!

All these costumes are in collaboration with Sanrio and costume maker 8mm and available on Japanese costume site World Import JJ. (They only ship within Japan, so you'll need a shopping service to order from abroad!)

First up is this super cute Kuromi costume for all the Kuromi fans out there! It's the perfect blend of goth and kawaii and embodies Kuromi's spirit completely! The pink pompoms are a nice touch too!

The set comes with the inner dress, outer dress, brooch, headband and tail! It can be ordered here for 9,720 Japanese yen which is about 86USD, but beware they only ship to Japan so you'll need to use a proxy shopping service if you intend to purchase abroad.

Next up is Kuromi's nemesis, My Melody! Similar to Kuromi's costume design, but much much pinker!

Like Kuromi, the outfit consists of the inner dress, outer dress, brooch, headband and tail! It also retails for 9,720 Japanese yen or 86USD here!

Next are these Little Twin Stars Chef inspired ensembles! Blue for Kiki and Pink for Lala~

The Little Twin Stars set consists of the dress, apron, hat and scarf, and of course you get the choice between blue and pink! This set also retails for the same 9,720 Japanese yen or 86USD and can be found here.

Here comes Cinnamoroll! Cinnamoroll's costume is a maid costume! The floppy ears and cinnamonroll shaped tail along with the Cinnamoroll print on the dress really are super cute!

This set comes with a whopping 6 items! The dress, apron, collar/ribbon, headband, tail and ears! It's on sale too down from 9,720 to 7,776 Japanese yen or 69USD! You can get it here!

Last but not least is the most Halloween of them all! This kawaii Hello Kitty witch costume!!

With this costume you get the dress, collar, hat, ears, tail and a pair of mittens! Puuurrfect! You can get it here on sale for 4,860 Japanese yen or 43USD! That's the cheapest of the lot!!

Do you like any of these costumes? Which is your favourite? Have you decided on your Halloween costume this year yet? Let us know in the comments!

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