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New Rilakkuma Re-Ment Honey Garden Announced

25 July 2018 by Ebf98b645fb767fcb26dd4f3f96feb8000252499 unnamed 4 cropped Marie

We've been spoiled rotten here at the YumeTwins office with all the delicious goodies coming out lately, like the Peach Starbucks Frappe and all these choco mint goodies! But check out these delicious looking (yet non edible!) new San-x Rilakkuma goodies from Re-Ment! Although I'm an avid plushie collector myself, I do also enjoy collecting cute figures, as do many of our lovely YumeTwins subscribers. As many of you may know Re-Ment is popular both in Japan and overseas for their cute little figure series, and there are many who collect them avidly. The theme of this series is Apiary and Garden Cafe, meaning lots of adorable and yummy looking honey goodies just in time for summer. Let's take a look at the lineup~

As you can see all the food items look good enough to eat! I mean, we wish we could eat them!! Just the garden cafe items themselves perfectly epitomise the feeling of summer and I could totally imagine enjoying a summer picnic with friends whilst enjoying these food items. If only bears in real life were as kawaii as Rilakkuma and his friends!

And here's the apiary themed items! From the pictures you can really tell how much detail Re-Ment puts into their items, even the honeycomb cells are incredibly detailed. There's also an extra friend included in this series, the little brown bear Chairokoguma which San-x added to the Rilakkuma universe this spring!

Like most Re-Ment series, this series comes in 8 parts, each in their own separate blind boxes so if you buy the small boxes separately you could potentially get doubles of the items or end up missing some! However if you buy one of the big boxes you're guaranteed to get all the items included as well as the adorable card backdrop pictured above.

The series released this week (18/07/23) and the boxes are priced individually at 550 Japanese yen (roughly $5).

What do you think of this series? Do you collect Re-ment? If so what's your favourite series so far? Let us know in the comments!

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