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TokyoTreat | June 2017 Theme - Rainy Day Snacks

05 May 2017 by Miki

Rainy Day Snacks

Rainy Day Snacks is TokyoTreat's June 2017 theme!

One of the great things about Japan is that you can experience the distinct beauty of all 4 seasons. What's not as known is that we also have an unofficial rainy season which usually starts in June before we experience months long summer heat. With that in mind, we decided that no other time would be better for a Rainy Day Snacks themed box.

Whether you're experiencing month long rain in your area or not, why not brighten up your month with Japanese snacks? In June's box, you'll find many tasty goodies including few sakura related snacks, limited edition variations of your favorite snacks and popular Japanese character snacks including a DIY kit. We think all our subscribers are going to love this month's wagashi - Japanese traditional snack!

June's mini-contest features one of the most fun snacks we've come across in a while and we think you'll want to enter the contest regardless of the prize because, well, it's so easy and oh so fun! Of course, the cool prizes fit this month's theme perfectly so they're basically icing on the cake!

Last but not least, every month, subscribers are automatically entered into our Lucky Treat contest. With this contest, subscribers can win amazing prizes which include fun character items, plushies and snacks we can't include in our monthly boxes. Are you feeling particularly lucky this month?!

So what are you waiting for?! Rain or shine, make your June awesome with your Rainy Day Snacks! Signup for the June Rainy Day Snacks box end on May 31st, 2017!


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