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August 2018: Fruity Ninjas

Take a peek at the Japanese candy inside our August Japanese snack box!

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Coca-Cola Clear
Bb4f9062285b59fca9bf2862a3e39f9303ed9cd5 japanese snack 12
Melon Bread Cookies Party Pack
5738d3247b4be7a71c71fda0d032eb974de40c69 japanese snack 2
Pocky Double Lemon White Chocolate
5161b9dc609643037717040f82c613196dfdc085 japanese snack 9
Disney Tsum Tsum Chocolate Bar
394f46b5cc4b05db58cfabb774cfdc990325284f japapanese candy 8
Banana Man Marshmallow
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Chip Star Lemon Chips
F3ac4aa2a5627f4c712e003f087265c84b9241a6 japanese snack 13
Chocolate Mint Caramel Corn
F884f3721c7884867fa25d1e87bbb491073ac238 japanese snack 5
Fruit Granola Black Thunder
83c92a3b9d569a79551d0eeb0997958d89c4bd69 japanese snack 11
Cheese Rice Puffs
80869a2c2125398afb0e9a7e283c54f375c40300 japanese candy 3
Melon Jelly Drink DIY Japanese Candy Kit
51ff9cbfa7c0ea1db781ce8cf9febba5893af3b9 japanese snack 7
Cinnamon Apple Pie Umaibo
5dc01f20c6d041d6facab70b7ec0078c2913c58d japanese snack 10
Shimi Corn Share Pack
B398235f832aa9e4ba360b25531120422a2de14f japanese snacks 4
Honey Apple Hard Candy
972c673ba93d66d02bfde5d3f48f729b949f0983 japanese candy 6
Fruit Donut Gummy
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