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July 2018: Camping Getaway

Take a peek inside our July Japanese snack box!

3590ea3b25d29cfbb7b2e1d14d7809f4c64e0806 july 13
Uji Matcha Jelly Japanese Drink
Edc00ec08835ff93b8cb8c9c6e76a8214f96e9ef july 14
Cookie and Cream & Strawberry Cheesecake Japanese Kit Kats
B9a35b53d0fa24b1143fd86992bbca5f383c4593 july 05
Pineapple & Coconut Marshmallows
Ab437a2c3ee07ff9835fc0d6728e1024e8fa1ffe july 07
Butter Toast & Sesame Biscuits Party Pack
B8ab8176d0418d76cabaeb14bdbe24d992c132a8 july 03
Koikeya Tempura Matcha Salt Chips
Aa6a7f63e4e21fefb05a33f1aba16f9329cc4c9f july 02
Chocolate Mint Twigs
4d8fcbfae91f972b76a073c8ba15d5e1e893d8fd july 04
Okara Cheesecake Cookies
3a6f71480489743b86ebbd7c6bf74e5387fbee24 july 06
Rich BBQ Potato Sticks
9de70fb3c6554cd8c4fde9022f71dee0410d949a july 09
Poteko Potato Rings Share Pack
9ecbc31722fa772093013c1ea202df337eb8906e july 10
Pretty Cure Chocolate Wafer
Fabd0a71aeb36c971914f9bf95c0cd9082759e4d july 11
Cheese Umaibo
534be54515b82cdb2dfb9c12ee23843d57b74d0f july 08
Grape Soda Gummy
A01500f53ab6cb2527cf44a97b7711ea4dc7423f july 12
Konpeito Candy
F2c99633baf5f478c2b7ffa7e7bfb08c4ba3bbad july 01
Water Candy DIY Japanese Candy Kit
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