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8 Trick Or Treat Snacks


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6 Trick Or Treat Snacks


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3 Trick Or Treat Snacks

Varieties of Japanese snacks included in TokyoTreat Subscription Box
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The Biggest Japanese Snack Box On The Planet!

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Japanese Snacks

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Exclusive Japanese Drinks

Coke, Fanta, Ramune & More!
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Japanese Instant Ramen

Tasty ramen, soba and udon!
Kitkat icon

Rare Japanese KitKat Flavors

Japan-exclusive and seasonal KitKats!
Chips icon

Crunchy Chips, Salty Snacks

Japan exclusive savory snacks!
Candy icon

Crazy Japanese Candy

Chocolate & candy with awesome flavors!
Cookie icon

Cakes, Cookies + Breads

Japanese-style bakery goods!
Delivery iconWorldwide Express Delivery
Complete Allergen Info iconComplete Allergen Info
Guide icon20 Page Culture Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my bonus?

Your bonus will be included once  in your first TokyoTreat box!

I am already a TokyoTreat subscriber, can I get a bonus?

Of course! Current subscribers can score these bonus items by upgrading or extending their plan, please contact our Support Team if you want to get this promotion!

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