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April's Snack Menu

50b5c782a86a5fab52bf18c2aa8c16287a153999 april 2018 easter banana kit kats 0

Easter Banana Kit Kats Premium

This month you can go bananas with this seasonal Easter themed Japanese Kit Kat Banana Party Pack! This tasty Japanese candy is popular among all ages. There are 12 different possible Easter designs and 1 golden design! Who will hunt down the golden Kit Kat first?

58440ed0dcc307fce563ab6438c83714d6ac63f1 april 2018 gudetama candy 1

Gudetama Candy Premium

Who is this?! Why, the one and only lovable lazy egg Gudetama! This tasty yogurt flavored Japanese candy is filled with a rich orange sauce. All the candies also have various Gudetama facial expressions on them! Which expression is your fave?

54cc5bc144965d175d0b27169bee9ae37fe6d675 april 2018 afternoon tea white chocolate milk tea 2

Afternoon Tea White Chocolate Milk Tea Premium

Taste the elegance of this rich, satisfying white chocolate milk tea brought to you by Kirin’s popular series Afternoon Tea! This seasonal exclusive Japanese drink’s packaging is designed to look like a piece of white chocolate too. Which Japanese snack will you pair with this yummy milk tea?

F51a4c888a97b46700712430e4354eb89387bfc7 april 2018 baby bear gummies 3

Baby Bear Gummies Premium

This popular dagashi Japanese candy is a fun colorful gummy snack that is shaped like cute bear cubs! The various colors remind us of the many Easter egg designs that this holiday is known for. We hope you enjoy the many fruity flavors! Which flavor is your favorite?

D9fadf8312b6e36ffc32437e7bca8a532fce73e6 april 2018 colorful seeds soft candy 4

Colorful Seeds Soft Candy Premium

Time to get creative with this fun mix and match Japanese snack! This soft Japanese candy includes a mix of ramune, grape, and orange flavors. You can also eat two flavors at once to create other fun flavors such as green apple and orange juice! Which combination will you create?

D33dfc95548884db2666261e34b3cbcca4b954c1 april 2018 kyoro chan s custard pudding snack 5

Kyoro-chan's Custard Pudding Snack

Lets celebrate the Easter season with these delicious Kyoro-chan custard pudding chocolate balls that are designed to look like fun Easter eggs. You can even hunt for Kyoro-chan and Easter eggs on the packaging! We hope you enjoy this snack found in your Japanese candy box!

83a8e050c7db27f032f87e9d6e2a8124f9739f75 april 2018 pakkuncho disney custard pudding biscuits 6

Pakkuncho Disney Custard Pudding Biscuits

Disney Japanese snacks are here to help brighten your day! These snacks are a limited-time custard pudding flavor biscuit that are also in an exclusive packaging. Not only that, but the snacks themselves also have limited-time Easter designs on them! Which character designs are on your snacks in your treat box?

F3b2c515efc1a23d04fb84d53d203ac3a8c46843 april 2018 calbee plum seaweed chips 7

Calbee Plum Seaweed Chips

Are you ready to experience this harmony of sweet and sour plum and soothing salted seaweed flavors? These Calbee Plum Seaweed Chips are a scrumptious Japanese snack experience. The packaging is also special as it is a collaboration design with Kyoto based textile brand SOU SOU. Are you a fan of Japanese plum?

B7225a85b0fce71c86fed0d00fdaddb26d784ba6 april 2018 umaiwa cheese 8

Umaiwa Cheese

The same company who makes the popular Umaibo brings your treat box this satisfying corn puff ring snack Umaiwa! The flavor is inspired by cheese fondue. Enjoy the rich cheese flavor as you snack on these yummy ring treats!

Ae89a6e569adcb19613b4672fbea251079f76d46 april 2018 umaibo teriyaki burger 9

Umaibo Teriyaki Burger

The fan-favorite Umaibo this month in your Japanese snack box is a drool-inducing teriyaki burger flavor! Teriyaki burgers are an incredibly flavorful sandwich that is enjoyed throughout Japan, and this snack allows you to experience this delight as well. Who will you share this Umaibo with?

7e9b9a8718aff06e866686cc90f4b795aec3e1d7 april 2018 healthy snacking squishy lemon gummies 10

Healthy Snacking Squishy Lemon Gummies

Want to snack and feel healthier at the same time? This month’s Japanese snack box's kinosei snack is delightful lemon gummies that are packed with fiber and protein to help create a sense of being full, which protects from overeating. Perfect for a filling snack while on the go!

5818c257e41e9cc42ab9f1e4787ca1796762df34 april 2018 choco banana diy kit 11

Choco Banana DIY Kit

Ready to make your own sweet choco banana?! With this Japanese candy DIY, you get to have fun decorating your choco banana with chocolate cream and colorful toppings. Choco bananas are a popular snack at Japanese festivals, and now you get to experience one as well with this DIY Japanese candy kit!

A40463c0f6fa41d57943e47846bb3fe49e0c0089 april 2018 don tacos grilled corn flavor 12

Don Tacos Grilled Corn Flavor

Inspired by the popular grilled corn dish in Japan, this corn Japanese snack is flavored like Japanese grilled corn. Grilled corn is often topped with butter and soy sauce in Japan, and so this snack will make you taste those flavors with every bite! How much do you enjoy this unique flavor combination?

B5c9cc6396db30fd51c7aa85dcd379b535cbedc9 april 2018 caramel corn share pack 13

Caramel Corn Share Pack

This month’s share pack is the insanely popular Caramel Corn Japanese snack. This corn Japanese snack is a sweet caramel flavor with peanuts that disappears instantly as everyone wants a bite! Now with this share pack, everyone can have a bite and enjoy this yummy snack! Will you share this or will you eat it all yourself?

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