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December's Snack Menu

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Mini Strawberry Flavored Corn Crisps

The popular Shimi Choco Corn Japanese snack has transformed into an easy to eat bite-size and contains a burst of strawberry flavor! Thanks to this new flavor and easier to snack on size, you can snack like there is no tomorrow!

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Koikeya Savory Salt Potato Chips

This month we managed to snag these crazy popular Koikeya Savory Salt Potato Chips! Their rich potato flavor mixed with a flavor fusion of savory salt and mellow seaweed keeps these Japanese snacks flying off the shelves in Japan!

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Wild Strawberry Path Hard Candies

This classic hard Japanese candy tastes and smells of wild strawberries! The smooth strawberry taste helps calm as you indulge in the fruity flavor. Even better, it comes in a resealable pack that is easy to take on the go!

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Grape Chocobi

In your snack box this month, you'll find this seasonal grape flavored Chocobi snack! These soft corn puffs taste of grapes and represent the autumn season in Japan. Inside the packaging, you'll also find a fun Crayon Shin-Chan sticker prize!

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Corn Potage Umaibo

Relax and take in the smooth corn potage flavor of this holiday themed Umaibo! This hard to resist Japanese snack is limited to the holiday season! The hearty corn potage flavor helps put a pep in your step while braving the cold winter season!

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Dondonyaki Kimchi Rice Cake

An Asian flavor fusion! This Japanese snack gives rice cakes a kick of kimchi flavor! Savor the burst of flavor as you chew on these rice cakes! Be careful though! They are so addicting, these snacks will disappear before you even realize it!

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Kameda Seika Happy Turn Rice Crackers

These sweet and salty rice crackers are a perfect Japanese snack to stimulate your taste buds. Even better, they come as four share packs so you can snack with friends, family, or four times as much as before!

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Puchi Puchi Art or Sherbet DIY Kit

These DIY Japanese candy kits are fun, tasty, and simple to make! With the Art Kit, you get to mix your own colors and use a template to create fruity edible art! The Sherbert Kit allows you to make kawaii gummy animal shaped Japanese candy that is almost too cute to eat!

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Lotte Memory-Enhancing Gum

This Japanese candy uses ginkgo biloba extract, a herb often used in herb tea, and claims to improve one's ability to retain and recall information like words, names, and plans. Perfect for when you have an important exam coming up!

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Pokémon Gummy and Moonlight Series Card Premium

A snack and a treat all in one! This anime Japanese snack contains a flavor packed Pokéball shaped gummy alongside an authentic trading card from the newest Pokémon TGC Moonlight Series!

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Koikeya Scone Japanese BBQ Premium

These delicious corn Japanese snacks are all the rage in Japan now! The satisfying crunch as you munch on the mild Japanese BBQ flavor is such a joy. Experience how Japan can take a western flavor and make it uniquely Japanese.

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Sour Cider Paper Candy Premium

This Japanese candy is the perfect blend of sweet and sour! Enjoy the various textures and Japanese cider flavor as you relish in the sweetness. This is the perfect snack when you are looking for a quick refreshing break!

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Rich Matcha Kit Kat Party Pack Premium

A rich, soothing flavor that Japan is known for worldwide. This Japanese Kit Kat contains twice the amount of famous Uji matcha for an authentic bitterness that can't be matched! Pair it with a cup of matcha tea for twice the green tea goodness!

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Premium Pear Fanta Premium

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this smooth premium pear Fanta soda. The deep pear flavor and the sharp sparkling Japanese soda is a decadent mix. This is a unique Fanta flavor that hasn't quite been seen until now!

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