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February's Snack Menu

A8524938d8166b4c209bb429251ff04a362b9268 february 2018 strawberry shortcake pepsi 0

Strawberry Shortcake Pepsi Premium

This month you will find a seasonal, exclusive strawberry shortcake flavored Japanese Pepsi in your Japanese snack box! This flavor debuted during the holiday season and drove Japan wild with its unique flavor! The sweet & sour strawberry flavor fused with the smooth cake icing taste makes for a drink that feels like a real cake was stuffed inside the bottle. Which of your loved ones will you share this lovely drink with?

07302bb81c051d8a48f18bf4d6808a4f269e810b february 2018 ultimate muscle chocolate wafer 1

Ultimate Muscle Chocolate Wafer Premium

Treat your inner Ultimate Muscle to a treat with this anime chocolate wafer snack! Based off the Japanese anime Kinnikuman, known as Ultimate Muscle in English, this crunchy chocolate treat has a strong, sweet flavor that compliments the crunchy refined wafer cookie. A chocolate wafer combined with the heated passion in wrestling - what makes a better Valentine’s Day treat!? This Japanese snack also comes with a sticker inside! Which sticker did you get?

974390dc6f742f511a7987418e9f388530a5158c february 2018 maroyaka milk chocolate strawberry party pack 2

Maroyaka Milk Chocolate Strawberry Party Pack Premium

Party it up with your loved ones with popular Japanese candy brand Maroyaka’s Milk Chocolate Strawberry candy party pack! This candy is the perfect fit for our Valentine’s themed Japanese subscription box. It is made to remind those who eat this of a fresh strawberry dipped in chocolate - a luxurious Valentine’s Day treat! We hope that you can enjoy sharing this snack with your loved ones and that you can feel the love as you indulge in this smooth flavor fusion.

5688cf995bf789685da8fd47ff9d987759865ae2 february 2018 cola flavored sour long gum 3

Cola Flavored Sour Long Gum Premium

One of the dagashi that makes an appearance in your Japan box this month is a popular gum called Sour Long Gum that comes in a cola flavor. This Japanese dagashi is well-known for its sour take on normally sweet flavors! This snack portrays a fan-favorite sweet flavor, but makes it into an enjoyable sour Japanese candy!

656fe0cc3e2204f3c7cb45362e64b2ac4bab7eec february 2018 strawberry barley puffs 4

Strawberry Barley Puffs Premium

This light Japanese snack will lift your spirits with its lovely strawberry taste! Rather than rice or corn, this snack uses barley puffs for a healthier take on an already delicious Japanese candy. The barley also adds a nice natural flavor of its own that can't be found in rice or corn puff snacks. The beautiful pink color and strawberry flavor is a perfect treat to gift to your sweetheart!

Ec2da03e01120e1e9adc14f5896ac39a156e8c4f february 2018 lotte pie no mi sweet strawberry chocolate 5

Lotte Pie No Mi Sweet Strawberry Chocolate

This Japanese snack is a versatile flavor that resembles a handmade treat made with love from your Valentine! A rich cocoa pie snack that has a sweet strawberry filling, every bite makes you imagine that you just received a fresh baked good from a loved one. You can even lightly bake this snack to replicate that oven-baked pie feeling that helps warm one’s heart! How will you eat this Japanese snack?

Cd158ec7915aaf8b4859863de4e1432b9361bd31 february 2018 umaibo shrimp mayonnaise 6

Umaibo - Shrimp Mayonnaise

When we think of Valentine’s Day, one of the more elegant foods that one can treat their significant other to that comes to mind is shrimp. The image of a suave, romantic couple on a date dining on shrimp is what inspired us to include this shrimp mayonnaise flavored Umaibo in your Japanese snack box! This flavor is incredibly popular among Japanese people for its rich flavor that replicates a real shrimp mayonnaise dish incredibly well! Who will you share your Umaibo with?

70858642fa23a2578859cb252b28a2bd7166aff9 february 2018 ice cream lolly 7

Ice Cream Lolly

Go on an ice cream date at home with this ice cream lolly! This cute lollipop Japanese candy is made to taste like a double scoop of ice cream - one vanilla scoop and the other strawberry. The white and pink colors mesh with the Valentine’s Day color scheme, as do the ice cream flavors, thus this was included into your Valentine’s Day Japanese candy box!

C2c0da12aee4f88009f52bca20872e8ab8fd77f3 february 2018 pretty cure diy shake milkshake 8

Pretty Cure DIY Shake Milkshake

Making its debut in our Japan box, this is the first time a Pretty Cure themed Japanese snack has been included! This Japanese DIY kit is a simple, fun, & delicious strawberry flavored milkshake. You can make this DIY together with your loved ones as you simply add the ingredients, shake, and enjoy the smooth taste together. As as additional Valentine’s Day treat, you can even keep and use the included cup afterwards as a regular kawaii cup!

B093540a7d0b9be5d227889ae4b52668c99dbaaf february 2018 rose x berry glamatic tablets 9

Rose x Berry Glamatic Tablets

This month’s kinosei Japanese snack is one that we hope helps you dress to impress through this lovely holiday. Popular brand Lotte brings you this Glamatic Tablet Japanese snack that helps your breath smell of lovely wild roses and berries! The concept is “turning even your breath into a great first impression”. Now you can breathe without worry! We hope that this Japanese candy helps you impress those who you care deeply about!

1b4c7e994b9cb435caef3323a6c06a8801b2cc90 february 2018 chocolate bar z chocolate 10

Chocolate Bar Z - Chocolate

A perfect Japanese snack to take with you on your date, this corn puff snack is sure to impress! Each stick is coated with smooth, rich chocolate that ensures you get best combination of chocolate and light corn puff with every bite! This tasty treat is a great addition to this Valentine’s Day Japanese subscription box. Where will you take this snack?

41789bf529c7c7d7697999e7a3299e6757c44360 february 2018 koikeya sour plum chips 11

Koikeya Sour Plum Chips

For a more traditional Japanese twist, we have included these savory Koikeya Sour Plum Chips. This Japanese snack comes in a cute pink packaging covered in sakura motifs and ume, or Japanese plums. These Japanese chips have a slightly sour flavor that we included in your Japanese snack box to represent how love can be difficult, even sour, at times, but it is always enjoyable in the end. We hope that you share these with someone who means something special to you. Who will you share these with?

39ccb26c218fe2ea5eccd1a1c9e42b4cec992eaf february 2018 ginza rusk strawberry 12

Ginza Rusk - Strawberry

Looking for a unique two-textured Japanese snack this time around? Don’t worry - we have you covered! Popular series Ginza Rusk brings you a Japanese snack that is infused with a smooth, sweet strawberry flavor that will leave you craving more. What really stands out is the dual textures - a crunchy surface and a soft inner - that you can experience all at the same time! Make sure to savor every second of this passionate snack found in your Japanese subscription box!

2ac8fc3c94ed5b1dacf8bc47cb9009a5437f82b3 february 2018 cola gummies share pack 13

Cola Gummies Share Pack

Bringing all your loved ones together with a popular cola flavor, these Cola Gummies make a perfect addition to this Japanese candy box. This Japanese candy contains a relaxing, enjoyable cola flavor that never gets old. The individual packaging makes this easy to share with a group of loved ones, like your friends and family, during this beautiful season. How many people will you share these with?

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