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January's Snack Menu

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Hokkaido Design Coca Cola Premium

Happy New Year's! To ring in the New Year, we have included a rare, limited edition Hokkaido design Coca Cola! This design is only sold in Hokkaido, which is Japan's northernmost island region popular for its vast, beautiful forests, volcanoes, and natural hot springs. Popular Hokkaido sightseeing spots decorate this bottle in a stylish way that helps remind people of the beauty that is in Hokkaido. This can is made with aluminum which allows you to enjoy this drink with an ice cold touch. Where will you keep your collector edition Japanese soda Hokkaido Coca Cola?

Ec6cb1759f4e6fe9f249c05dd8c10c38be10c3d3 january 2018 super mario chocolate 1

Super Mario Chocolate Premium

While the princess may be in another castle, Super Mario themed Japanese candy is in this Japanese snack box! This fun chocolate candy was designed with the Super Mario world in mind! This chocolate is a sheet that you break apart to reveal a character or item. It is a great Japanese candy that ensures you can have fun with your snacks while you indulge in the sweet flavor! What character or item did you find in your Japanese candy box?

7da0db6606e56164e1ac1d28f261683ee7846f83 january 2018 crunchy panda party pack 2

Crunchy Panda Party Pack Premium

This panda shaped chocolate biscuit is an incredibly popular Japanese snack! The panda mascot is well-known for its various facial expressions, so there are a total of 70 different possible face shaped snacks! This super crunchy, chocolate snack comes in a family pack that you can share together! What better way to start off the New Year than with friends and family?! We wonder what types of facial expressions you get!

E4a17568e7c96a8988117356e507ecf8e4de42c8 january 2018 cream rusk snack 3

Cream Rusk Snack Premium

Rusk is a fan favorite when it comes to snacking in Japan. The various flavors are too many to count! This month in your Japanese snack box, you will find a smooth, crunchy, & satisfying cream rusk! The crunchy rusk toast synergizes perfectly with the sweet cream on top!

F22c01f9c9d7658b6bd7b4c27c4e02033149c29e january 2018 caplico mini ice cream flavored snack 4

Caplico Mini Ice Cream Flavored Snack Premium

Caplico Japanese snacks gained popularity with how easy it is to eat their snacks & for how delicious the flavors are! This mini Caplico snack comes in either strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate ice cream flavor! It is an easy to eat stick shape snack that is filled with calcium! The mini size makes this snack the perfect fit for those looking for a small snack! Which flavor ice cream snack did you find in your Japan box?

F541cd24842536dd49ed3fa19eb341fc50f70514 january 2018 morinaga hi chew premium chardonnay 5

Morinaga Hi-Chew Premium Chardonnay

Everyone's favorite chewy Japanese candy Hi-Chew is back! This time you can find a Premium Chardonnay flavor Hi-Chew in your Japanese candy box! It has a refreshing, clear grape flavor that reminds us of a crisp chardonnay one might drink on New Year's Eve! The delicious grape flavor spreads throughout one's mouth with every bite!

9d40b136701ab1c9d62bb508da8a0e466be7c96a january 2018 koala s march kinako 6

Koala's March Kinako

This month's Koala's March was designed to resemble a Japanese New Year! It uses Japanese motifs that can be found on many Japanese New Year items. Its calming color scheme is also a very popular one when it comes to New Year's in Japan. Kinako, a roasted soybean powder, is a very traditional flavor that many Japanese people enjoy on New Year's Day. This snack is the perfect fusion of sweet & savory that we helps make you cheery going into this New Year!

10f203d29bc01db97d2e3a2f7d2b01771a8242c1 january 2018 aerial rich chedder cheese flavor 7

Aerial Rich Chedder Cheese Flavor

Aerial, a lightly textured corn snack, is a delicious Japanese snack that is rich in flavor! These corn snacks were coated in both cheese cream and cheese powder after being fried for double the flavor! Japanese adults and children alike can't stop snacking on these once they start!

Aa8659e3a36a4cf3a39adba7b881b8085a53c3aa january 2018 slime jelly diy kit 8

Slime Jelly DIY Kit

Japanese candy kits are a fun, enjoyable way for children to snack in Japan. This month you can find a simple, enjoyable, & tasty Slime Jelly DIY Candy Kit that allows you to enjoy a mysterious slime experiment! By mixing only water and powder together, you can change the snack's color! The more you mix it, the stretchier the slime becomes! Once you have had your fun, you can chomp down and slurp up this slime that is a delicious ramune soda flavor! How far can you stretch this slime!?

D30f4fcbd88fad442a7a4f3dfe59e4baf90ecfe8 january 2018 porinki corn snacks 9

Porinki Corn Snacks

Porinki is a popular brand for its savory snacks that they produce. This corn snack utilizes the natural sweetness found in corn and fuses it with Japanese flavoring, resulting in a mild flavor that will hook you once you take the first bite! Not only is the flavor amazing, but the satisfying crunch that you experience with every bite makes this snack an incredibly fulfilling experience.

32dfc29e408a4ebabd9b97e98470f3024eaf5d6f january 2018 vitamin c charge gummies 10

Vitamin C Charge Gummies

Developed as a collaboration by famous Japanse brands UHA and TBC, this snack supports one's natural skin beauty by utilizing the natural properties of Vitamin C. Each gummy is filled to the brim with vitamin C while still retaining a delicious sour flavor! What better way to improve your natural beauty than doing so while eating yummy Japanese candies!? Are you ready to impress with that new natural glow?

5235bacd112dc93a7e14ff86f94f0b09e73573e8 january 2018 red snapper cracker 11

Red Snapper Cracker

This dagashi snack is a traditional red snapper flavor that is quite nostalgic for Japanese people as red snapper is often eaten on New Year's Day. Many people desire to eat red snapper as it is a shows affluence and power. We wanted to bring a sense of those into your new year, so we included these delicious red snapper flavored crackers in your Japanese snack box! What sort of goals are you hoping to complete this year?

B9ab0e452819b4d4343b0386bff00097f1816447 january 2018 ramune soda candy share pack 12

Ramune Soda Candy Share Pack

Time to start the year on the right foot with sharing some delicious, healthier Japanese candy! These delicious candies provide the same nutrients you can get from vegetables. It is a calcium-enriched ramune candy that features a mix of both grape and orange flavors that utilizes real fruit flavor. The packaging is also super kawaii and makes every individual snack a fun treat! Which design is your favorite?

D85a8585e11103da27b45c6eea54f798121da412 january 2018 pizza umaibo 13

Pizza Umaibo

Fan favorite dagashi, Umaibo, is back again with another unique flavor! This time around, they used secret ingredients to replicate a cheesy pizza flavor. This Umaibo tastes just like a real slice of pizza! It is a fun experience tasting pizza as you crunch your way through this corn puff snack! What is your favorite pizza topping?

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