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January 2018 DIY

Jelly Slime DIY KIT

Tutorial Video

What's included: Musical Note Tray, Star Tray, Plastic Spoon, Green Pouch, Blue Pouch, Pink Pouch
What you need: Cup of water

1. Pull apart the Musical Note Tray and the Star Tray. Place the Star Tray aside & fill up the Musical Note Tray with water until the top line.

2. Add the Green Pouch into the Musical Note Tray and stir until the water changes color.

3. Now, take the Star Tray and pour the Pink Pouch into it. Then, pour the Musical Note Tray contents into the Star Tray. Stir well using the spoon.

4. Next, add the Blue Pouch into the Star Tray and mix well. You are finished!

5. Mix it 100 times or more for a super slimy mixture!

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