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May's Snack Menu

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Minute Maid Craftz Cherry & Peach Premium

This month’s snack box has a scrumptious Japanese drink in a special edition cherry and peach fusion from Minute Maid Japan! It also has sakura essence mixed in so both the fruity sweet & sour flavor and the floral fragrance reminds one of spring! Do you taste the cherry or peach more?

00d835efe394227a580722573aede24e23ecced6 may 2018 shin chan gummy 1

Shin-Chan Gummy Premium

Crayon Shin-Chan is a very popular anime across Japan! With this Japanese candy, you can find the lovable Shin-chan with a mystery flavored gummy. It is either ramune or cola flavored! Which flavor did you get in your Japanese candy box?

A3b511d2f9bb69ce0eb215a95f84151a4acd7e28 may 2018 chocopie party pack 2

Chocopie Party Pack Premium

Chocopie, a widely enjoyed chocolate covered cake and marshmallow filling Japanese snack, is the party pack found in this month's treat box! Filled to the brim with delicious mini-cakes that are the perfect size for someone with a chocolate craving, this party pack is sure to disappear quickly!

6c1160c9ed6ed73d13bc0af771225b255637333a may 2018 dragon ball cheese puffs 3

Dragon Ball Cheese Puffs Premium

Dragon Ball is another classic anime that has a global following. Fans in Japan and abroad can enjoy this cheesy corn puff Japanese snack that reminds us of the Super Saiyan golden hair! This snack also comes with a licensed Dragon Ball Heroes collectible trading card. Which card did you get with your snack box?

9e79c223b47e413fc89b59788fdfe5254e16525b may 2018 boruto hand gummy 4

Boruto Hand Gummy Premium

Boruto is here full of energy! This month's Japanese candy box has this fun Japanese energy drink flavored hand gummy, which is a yummy sweet & sour pineapple taste. For those who avoid energy drinks, don’t worry, for it is only the flavor - no real energy drink ingredients are included!

8d6bc7fc641ca8f981b3946e274c79ae5a1d3e8b may 2018 boruto pineapple jellies 5

Boruto Pineapple Jellies

Not only is Boruto here, but he brought the gang! This jelly snack bag is full of sweet bite-sized pineapple jelly snacks that use real pineapple juice. These Japanese snacks lids have many different character printed on them. Which ninjas are hiding in your Japan box?

104f771f9b90eba9fe61a300b63b39d18040bce3 may 2018 splatoon gummies 6

Splatoon Gummies

Ready. Set. INK! Popular Nintendo Japanese video game Splatoon gummies are here with fun squid shaped Japanese candy. There is an assortment of melon and orange flavors. If you are lucky, you may even find an octopus shaped gummy inside as well! Did you find one in your bag?

23937250c20a78119ad912ce288fdf262d532fac may 2018 one piece bubble jelly diy 7

One Piece Bubble Jelly DIY

GUM...GUM...YUMMY! The One Piece crew is here to celebrate this anime snack box with a fun bubbly melon soda jelly Japanese DIY kit! You get to create a sweet jelly drink and once you finish this Japanese candy, you can keep and reuse the cup as much as you want!

Ad9fe1547821dd893c40ac1b47b257399db6aeb6 may 2018 sriracha rice chips 8

Sriracha Rice Chips

For the spicy Japanese snack fan, this month you can find these sriracha rice chips in your Japanese candy box! These rice Japanese chips are made with soy bean as well for a protein packed snack. Even better, they are gluten free! Who else is a fan of sriracha sauce?!

5bc7f4c2dcdccead2babcfa84a062c9d64f0dec3 may 2018 umaibo mentaiko 9

Umaibo Mentaiko

The Umaibo in this month's treat box is a Japanese favorite mentaiko flavor. Mentaiko is made with creamy salted pollock roe. This savory stick is the perfect Japanese snack time choice!

Ec5b63aaa68eae2651796ae776ae11118f8dba22 may 2018 don taro udon snack 10

Don Taro Udon Snack

Udon fans delight! This dagashi Japanese snack is a dried noodle treat that is flavored like a real udon soup bowl. After eating this, do you want a real bowl of udon now too?! We know we wish we could slip one into your snack box!

893fed501e2a0ba0d28a8d5dbc1e4d687e99b40a may 2018 thomas the train engine chewy candy 11

Thomas the Train Engine Chewy Candy

Did you know that Thomas the Train Engine is also incredibly popular throughout Japan? He is popular enough to even have his own Japanese candy! This chewy grape candy found in your Japanese candy box is a great snack to take on the go and chew for a while!

F464613a5ed31cecda4e6072cc68696201050e34 may 2018 senzu bean edamame share pack 12

Senzu Bean Edamame Share Pack

Edamame is a popular bean in Japan and we thought it perfect to include in your Japan box since it reminds us of Dragon Ball’s senzu bean! Feel the delicious power as you crunch and munch your way through this savory Japanese snack share pack!

5a3307745e60236dec95aef24727d62bfa3b7924 may 2018 shin chan chocobi almond tofu corn puff 13

Shin-Chan Chocobi Almond Tofu Corn Puff

Chocobi is back again with a unique seasonal almond tofu flavor. Almond tofu is actually a popular sweet Japanese dessert in Japan that is both healthy and tasty. You can also find a fun Shin-chan sticker inside this Japanese snack! Which sticker design did you get with your snack box?

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