January BOX

January's theme: Happy New Year! Includes Rich Taste Calpis Soda, Pokemon Stick Candy, Glico Cultured Butter Pretz, Sakupan Choco Monaka, Pikachu Gummy, Samurai Japan Chips, Black Thunder – Kinako Flavor, Super Ottotto Savory Soy Sauce Flavor & more!

December BOX

December’s theme: CHRISTMAS! Included were the popular Mokeke, Cream Stew Ramune, Puchi Puchi Art Gummy DIY, Christmas Edition White Milk Caramel Corn, Komekko Scallop Flavor, Tomato Pretz, Christmas Umaibo, Christmas Edition Shimi Choco Corn and more!

November BOX

November's theme: Japan's Most Iconic Snacks!! This month, we decided to go back to the basics and fill you box with Japan’s most iconic snacks! Included this month: Fujiya Peach Nectar, Morinaga Caramel, Apple Pie Caramel Corn, Milk Pocky, Re-Ment Omusubi Kororin Mascot and more!

October BOX

October's theme: Halloween x Autumn! Included in this month's box was Halloween Themed Chopsticks, TokyoTreat Original Halloween Sticker, Tropicana Season’s Best - Mix Fruit Juice, Nyoki Nyoki Cororon DIY, Chestnut Kinoko No Yama, Soybean Peppered Jerky, Halloween Koala's March & MORE!

September BOX

September's theme: Mirai Suenaga x TokyoTreat VS. Pokemon! Who do you think would win this battle? This month, our subscribers were greeted with Pakkucho, Crazy Bubbly Ramune Candy, Sour Lemon Gum, Maple Butter Beer Ramune, Yakisoba Sauce Corn Puffs and more!

August BOX

Who doesn’t love the refreshing feeling of a tropical vacation?! August’s colorful and flavorful Japanese candies captures the refreshing tastes of tropical fruits. With a variety of fruity and tangy flavors such as mango, grape, watermelon, cherry blossoms, plum and more!
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