Popular brands include Glico Cream Collon, Bisco, Hello Panda, etc.


Japanese biscuit snacks always remain a popular favorite among young and old because of the crispy, crunchy texture while bringing an innovative and unique snacking style to Japan. Often you will see biscuit snacks either dipped in chocolate or filled with creams and various fillings to make this confection delectable to the very last bit!

Japanese biscuit packaging is probably the most fancy with many of these snacks being in carton holders that allow for multiple servings. Doing this Japan has made it very easy for you to snack on the go, while still having a very chic packaging design. There are also simpler designed packages for the no-frill snack craving with just plastic bags holding the biscuit. It really depends on the shape of the biscuit snack as to how it will be packaged and for you!

Because these are so tasty we consider these an all-time high on our fun and tastiness scale! If you have a change to try biscuits such as Hello Panda or Collon, we think you will enjoy the crispy biscuit outside, paired with the delicious creamy inside. Give Japanese biscuits a try for yourself and see which flavor combination best suits your snacking enjoyment!

Enjoy the video review of Glico Cream Collon special edition (collaboration with the popular anime Yo-kai Watch)!

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