Popular brands include Poifull, Hi-Chew, Meiji, Glico, etc.


Japanese sweet candies are super delicious and provide a unique take on the hard and soft chewy candies you may find in western candy shops. The Japanese candies come in a variety of shapes, flavors and chewiness for your enjoyment. Interestingly enough there are also sometimes filling or mixed flavors on the inside that gives you a burst of satisfaction as you bite into the piece of candy!

These candies are usually wrapped tightly in square packaging that also has individually wrapped pieces. For Hi-Chew, you will find this. However, if you are eating Poifull (Japanese jellybean candy type) you will find the bite-sized harder candies inside one bigger square container, to make it easier for you to eat and enjoy.

Hard and soft Japanese candies are very delicious but there are a variety of types to suit what kind of snacking you are interested in. If you are looking for a hard or soft candy there is a brand for you out there in the Japanese market. We suggest trying them all, so we make sure to give you a variety of these candies in our TokyoTreat Boxes!