Calbee and Koikeya are the leading brand of Japanese potato chips and other savory bite-sized, salty snacks.


Although traditionally an American staple food, Japan has recently come up with their own variety of potato chips and savory snacks that have remained popular over the last few decades. As expected, much of these snacks have their own unique Japanese flair and wider variety compared to American-styled potato chips and snacks. Some examples of types are Calbee Jargarico じゃがりこpotato chips that have a special technology to keep them crispy and crunchy until the last bite! In the broader sense you can also find the shrimp cracker, Kappa Ebisen to provide you with a more traditional Japanese feel, as they were the first snack food introduced to Japan in 1964. As you can see, there are many more flavors and varieties of Japanese potato chip-like snack foods that you won’t necessarily find in western food markets.

As far as packaging goes, Japanese chips usually are quite similar to the plastic bags that we often see potato chips in American stores hold their snacks inside. However, more commonly seen in Japan are the single-serving packs of chips and snacks that have bold lettering of the flavors and brands, to ensure you are picking the one that fits your mood for that day!

If you are looking for a salty, crunchy and delicious snack then these Japanese snack foods are perfect for you. Japanese snack companies make them easy enough for you to eat single servings as you please, with many intriguing flavors that one would not normally be able to enjoy in the west. Check out this video to see some of the more potato chip flavors that you can exclusively eat with Japanese chips and snacks!

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