Popular brands include Meiji, Lotte, Morinaga, Fujiya, Ezaki Glico, (Nestle’) Kit-Kat, Pocky


Japanese chocolate has had a recent surge of popularity over the last decade. Some of the appeal of these Japanese-styled cocoa confections are that they provide a much wider variety of tastes, versus western-made chocolates. One prime example of this could be Japanese Kit-Kats, which come in a plethora of flavors such as banana, macha (green tea powder), strawberry and many more!

Japanese chocolate packaging is pretty impressive to say the least. It seems as if they often market various sweets for both adults and children. A lot of them have sleek, convenient boxes (instead of wrappers) that allow for multiple servings throughout the day for yourself. If a candy does have a wrapper, it usually still comes in a separate container. Often, you can find the candy in tinier sizes for opportune snacking.

Chocolate is always a tasty favorite around the world, with Japan being no exception. A big enjoyment in Japan is Valentine’s Day and White Day, which men and women exchange chocolates to one another to show affection, similar to the western rendition of the holiday. These sophisticated chocolates of Japan prove to always be scrumptious and fun to eat both on the go and at home.

Here is a fan-made video of a collection of the different Kit-Kat bars that are readily available in the Japanese market. They are all wonderfully delicious. Check it out.