Dagashi are generally without mention of brand because they are inexpensive treats from a nostalgic era of time in Japanese history.


Much like America’s penny-candy, Dagashi 駄菓子 means very cheap candies for purchase from an older time. Often, young children would spend their allowances to buy these very low quality, low-priced candies and today they still hold much sentimental and delicious value for Japanese folks of old and young.

Dagashi candy is usually placed in simple packages and wrapping for ease of purchase. Single candies are often what you buy for fairly cheap costs. The candies are usually tiny as well, so you can get quite a bit for very little yen!

Dagashi is very fun to eat, because they are so tiny and inexpensive. If you have a chance to go to a 駄菓子屋 (dagashiya) or a traditional cheap-sweets shop in Japan you can have a very unique experience. If you don’t have the opportunity we have quite a selection that you will find in your TokyoTreat Boxes!

Here is a fan-made video of a Dagashiya (Dagashi Sweet Shop) with a very traditional feel. Through this walkthrough of the store you can see that there are a variety of inexpensive candies that you can buy. It gives a very nostalgic feel to a candy shop, with a Japanese spin on it. Enjoy!