DIY Kits

One of the most popular brands of the DIY Candies is Popin Cookin, which seems to take the lead in fan-favorite food themes.


Japanese candy is always a popular and striking pleasure for people around the world, but for the last few years these do-it-yourself candy kits have become all of the craze due to its unique exposure on the internet through fan-made videos on YouTube, and also let’s not forget how adorable and tasty they are which always appeals to the masses!

With not much else needed but water and the included ingredients you are able to take a couple packets of powdered down saccharin and turn them into miniature decadent creations! Often times you will see the final product of the candy turn out to be designed as a savory food, such as hamburgers, pizza, or faux sushi.

Because these can seem slightly intricate and detailed from the advertisement on their boxes, and the instructions are mostly in Japanese, you may not feel that you can do them justice but have no fear! As this is a very popular means of entertainment on the internet there are many YouTube channels and users devoted to teaching you how to achieve the ultimate fancy sweet treats through their amazing instructional videos, similar to the one below.

The DIY Candy kits are extremely fun to make and eat, provided you follow some YouTubers to get an idea on how to create them, alongside the boxed directions. The sweets are usually very sugary, but still have a large appeal because they are more than just candy, they are also art. Making these Japanese DIY candy kits can be amazingly fun with friends as well. Give it a try and see if you get addicted! There are many different options for your own personal liking. Just remember, take a picture of your works of food-art before eating it!

Here is a fan-made instructional video on the process of making a couple of the Popin Cookin candy kits. Enjoy!