Meiji, Kasugai, Kanro, Lotte are notable brands of Gummi candies available on the Japanese market.


Possibly adapted from German gummi bear candies, these miniature gummies are soft, and very tasty. They come in a wide variety of flavors and are also individually wrapped to ensure freshness. Japan is known for its very inventive flavors, and this is seen quite extensively with gummies. Some are fruit flavors with hues of lavender and other essential (edible) oils to give a distinct feeling of intrigue during snack time.

Gummi candies have a tendency to stick together in packaging, so Japan has managed to individually wrap the sweet treats to ensure that the gummies retain their shape before consumption. Additionally, you will find various shapes ranging from little round bubbles, to heart and star-shaped gummies that vary between season and brand. A typical bag of Kasugai グミholds approximately 24 individually wrapped confections.

グミ(Gummi) candies can be very addicting to eat because they are so small in size yet, pack a very flavorful punch! There are also variety of gummies that can be hand-made similar to the DIY candy kits found in Japan, but these take a bit of time before you can eat your creations and may cost slightly more, with less gummies available. Because these gummies are so soft and juicy, resembling a more potent version of fruit we find the tastiness scale and enjoyment factor to be very high.

Here is a fan-made video review of Kasugai Gumi candies, in the version of Apple flavor. The gentlemen thoroughly reviews the taste and type of packaging that is indeed renown with the Kasugai and other gummi brands.

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