Japanese Soft Drinks

Popular Brand include Ramune ラムネ, Ilohas いろはす, POCARI SWEAT, Calpico, etc


Japan is also well-known for its quirky, yet delicious flavors of soft drinks that have been commonplace throughout the country for several decades now. Along with western colas and beverages in the shops and convenience stores of Japan you will find a more intriguing variety of soft drinks to choose from. From the classic Ramune ラムネ soft drink that comes in many flavors with its strange bottle packaging, to Calipis and the oddly-named Pocari sweat, there is a type of soft drink that will appeal to everyone around the world!

Ramune, in particular, has a very fun way to drink it, with a bottle that contains a marble at the top-portion of the neck to keep the freshness inside the carbonated beverage. This allows the packaging to be both playful and functional for the consumer. Check the video on an instructional on how to open a Ramune bottle!

Japanese soft drinks are not only delicious and come in a variety of interesting flavors, but for the most part are not as sugar-packed as American soft drinks. A lot of these specialty soft drinks like Pocari Sweat and Calpico are much like a Japanese version of Gatorade, where they re-hydrate the body and provide vital electrolytes that can pick you up when you are feeling worn out with the stresses of everyday life.