Ezaki Glico, now Glico, is founder of Pocky so the only brand that holds rights to the confections.


Pocky is an extremely popular treat in Japan while also holding high admiration throughout the world. These biscuit sticks are usually dipped or drizzled with chocolate or other sweet additions to the end of each individual biscuit stick, which makes them very conveniently created for eating and snacking. Like most Japanese sweets and snacks, there are a wide variety of Pocky styles and flavors.

Pocky comes in one solid container with the biscuit sticks sitting upright. Sometimes they are wrapped underneath but not always. Additionally there are a large array of flavors and styles to suit various audiences, from children to adults who are looking for a more mature and decadent treat without feeling to childlike. These sticks always stay crisp but can also be fragile so take care when eating.

As far as tastiness and popularity, Pocky sits high among the rest. Because this snack is well received around the world, we see it featured in a lot of different things in social media and such. The deliciousness of the confectionary does not disappoint, either! It is a pretty straight forward snack, with no building needed or anything creative, but the sleek packaging and the always tasty treat is one to never turn down!

Trivia: November 11 is celebrated as Pocky day in Japan due to the snacks’ resemblance to the number 1. See http://pocky.glico.com/1111/.

Here is a Pocky commercial starring Ninomiya from Arashi, showing viewers just how easy this snack is to eat on the go as well as share with others, if you want to, that is.

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