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Go bananas with this seasonal Banana flavored Kit Kats with 12 different cute Easter designs and 1 golden design!

Eeb1922b0777a0e3a8efb1a7cc49667af11cb70d strawberry cheesecake


These Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Kit Kats are out of this world! Tangy, refreshing and can even be frozen for a delicious ice cream-like treat!

E91799478ffc946b5f8b3e254f05224f25b8de2a ikinari dango


This Japanese Kit Kat was made to taste like mochi filled with sweet potato and azuki red bean -- inspired by the popular Ikinari Dango from Kumamoto, Japan!

66c032650ffbcbf670667ad56e216b014fefe77a rum   raisin


Special Kit Kat Chocolatory edition! Rum raisin flavored Kit Kats topped with crushed almonds and cranberries. Contains .056% alchocol!

4c58220e4a35177584e42d0c7aa2a08cb6c4f71f cookies and cream


These refreshing cookies and cream flavored Kit Kats will leave you wanting more! Eat them as is or freeze them for a unique treat!

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