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Lucky subscribers can win a box of Japanese Kit Kats with a total value over $100 each! Valid for active & new Premium subscriptions until 04/30/18.

May's Theme: Anime Snack Attack!

Get these featured snacks & MORE in May's Japanese candy box! Stay tuned for the reveals on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages!

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Minute Maid Craftz Cherry & Peach

A special edition of cherry and peach fusion by Minute Maid Japan infused with sakura essence.

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One Piece Melon Soda DIY Kit

One Piece and the crew is bringing a tasty Melon Soda DIY Kit in May's Anime box!

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Dragon Ball Z Cheese Puffs

This tasty cheese puff snack will make you go Super Saiyan! Each pack comes with a collectible trading card!

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Boruto Pineapple Jellies and Hand Gummy

Boruto and the gang are bringing Pineapple Jellies and an Energy Drink Hand Gummy in May's box! Two times the fun!

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Popular Nintendo game Splatoon is making a debut appearance!

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Win Japanese Kit Kats with a total value of over $100!

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One Piece, Boruto, Splatoon, Shin Chan & more!

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