• How much is shipping?
    Shipping is free worldwide.
  • When does my box ship and how long will it take to arrive?
    After the order is placed, your box is immediately prepared and packed (within 3 business days) to be handed over to Japan Post. The box then will be shipped from Japan Post in 4 business days.
    We estimate the boxes to arrive within 2-4 weeks after the ship date depending on your location. If you have a prepaid multi-month subscription, your second month’s box forward will be sent out with our first batch of shipments.

    You will receive a confirmation email when your box ships from our warehouse in Tokyo, Japan.

    If you haven't received your box by the expected arrival time, we suggest you to wait until 6 weeks before submitting any inquiries.
  • What countries do you ship to?
    We ship everywhere worldwide!
    No matter where you are, we’ll be able to ship it!
  • Can you ship the box if my country is not listed?
    We only ship to countries that supported by JapanPost. If your country is not listed, unfortunately, we are unable to ship the box to you.
  • I need to change my shipping address.
    To update your shipping address, simply login into your account and update your information by clicking edit on the shipping information tab. The change will be reflected immediately on ALL of your unshipped boxes.

    Please note, in an effort to get treats to our subscribers as soon as possible, we begin processing shipments prior to the signup cutoff. As a result, all address updates must be made within 48 hours prior to the subscription renewal date to ensure they are correctly reflected on your shipment.

    Visit our FAQ for a step by step guide to change your address.
  • Do you provide tracking information?
    Yes, starting from 15th April 2019 we can provide tracking support. Visit our FAQ for more detail about our tracking support.
  • My box is missing an item or is damaged/broken. What should I do?
    In the case an item comes damaged or is missing, please contact our customer support team and we’d be happy to resolve your request. we request a photo of the damaged item with your submission to expedite a resolution.

    Validity of a damaged item will be at the discretion of the support agent.

    Any damages to the boxes or the packaging of a product will not qualify for replacement if the content is undamaged.
    Due to inventory changes, any issues must be reported within 7 days of receiving your box. Replacement items will be shipped out in the next shipment once confirmed by the support agent. If we do not have the missing item in stock, credit will be applied to your account instead.
  • I made a mistake with my address information and never received my box.
    This, unfortunately, can happen when an address is incomplete or has been erroneously input on the buyer’s side. If the box has been sent back to us due to a mailing mistake on the customer’s end, we will ask you to pay for the reshipping cost.
    We also cannot reship a box if we do not receive it back. However, if the mistake has occurred on our end we will accommodate to ensure you receive a new or re-shipped box without any further costs.

Payment & Billing

  • How do I reactivate my cancelled subscription?
    Easy! You can reactivate your subscription via your customer portal ( When you reactivate your subscription, you are immediately charged for the next upcoming box. your Renewal will be that date moving forward for each subscription period – please check your renewal date after reactivation!

    Please keep in mind that your subscription will reactivate for the same subscription length as you had when your subscription canceled. If you are interested in downgrading or upgrading before you reactivate, please contact us!
  • What payment methods can I use?
    We currently accept payments through Paypal and all major credit cards. all payments are taken through our secure checkout and we will never share any of your details with third-parties.
    Prepaid gift cards and prepaid debit cards also can be processed, however there can be troubles with them going through approval from time to time due to expirations and insufficient balances. Because of this we cannot guarantee that a prepaid cash or gift card, even with a visa attached will always be approved.
    Please be sure to check your prepaid balance before enrolling if this payment option is best for you.
  • When will I be charged?
    Immediately after your first order you will receive your initial charge. future payments will be charged on that same day every month (or once every 3, 6, 12 months depending on your plan).
    For example, if you were to order and initialize your subscription on january 2nd, you would subsequently be charged on the 2nd of every following month, going forward.
    If you forget when you placed your order, just sign in to your customer portal ( and you can find your next renewal date under my subscription.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    Sorry to see you go! You can cancel online via your customer portal ( whenever you like. We’ve made cancelling hassle-free so that you can try our subscription service without any stress. If you would like to cancel, log into your customer portal and click the “cancel” button.

    You will be sent any remaining boxes per your most recent renewal but will not be charged again moving forward. You will receive a confirmation of the cancellation via email shortly after completing the cancellation process. Please be sure to cancel your subscription before your billing date to avoid renewing your subscription for the next cycle.
  • I am having a payment error and I cannot subscribe.
    Payment error can occur if your credit card has expired. or your balance is insufficient Please use credit cards with valid expiry date.
  • Am I able to purchase one box, without subscribing?
    At this time we are only offering recurring subscriptions. However, you can easily purchase just one box by subscribing and then cancelling your subscription right away. That way you will only be billed for the one month’s box.


  • What is TokyoTreat?
    TokyoTreat is a subscription-based service that delivers you a box full of unique and fun Japanese candies and snacks directly to your doorstep every month. Each box has a hand-picked collection of Japanese candies, DIY kits, traditional Dagashi snack, and savory snacks and drinks for you to enjoy.

    Why Japanese candy? We say, WHY NOT? Japan is notable for the bizarre and unique. Much of this can be seen through Japan’s modern day pop-culture such as hilariously odd television programs, alternative street fashion, and other eccentricities that you would not see anywhere else, traditionally. The same distinctive packaging and showmanship applies for Japanese candies, too! Japan’s confectionaries are very well-known for their element of both entertainment and aesthetics. Also, these Japanese snacks are just downright tasty.

    These entertaining snacks and candies you will not find at your local grocery store without paying a small fortune for them. We guarantee that every box sent to you from TokyoTreat will leave you feeling extremely satisfied while also allowing you to avoid the over-inflated import prices that you would have to deal with, otherwise!

    We do NOT skimp! Every box packaged by us is filled to the brim with delicious Japanese snacks and candies for all of your decadent enjoyment! Join us today to make sure to get this month’s box of candies, so that you can partake in the ultimate Japanese snack time with TokyoTreat!
  • What do I get in my box?
    Every box from TokyoTreat will be a surprise! Depending on what subscription you decide on, you will receive 12 to 17 full-sized Japanese snacks that would otherwise be very difficult to find outside of Japan! These candies and snacks will vary monthly so you get the best new exclusive and seasonal snacks in Japan. We thoroughly and carefully create a perfect balance between chocolates, salty chips, gummi candy, DIY candy kits and Dagashi to leave you feeling well-rounded with your snack boxes. You can always expect to feel satisfied with your premium, full-sized snacks from TokyoTreat!
  • What can you do at the customer portal?
    You can do multiple things at the customer portal such as:
    • change your billing/shipping address
    • change your payment plan
    • cancel your subscription
    • reactivate your subscription
  • When I sign up for a 3, 6 or 12 months plan, is it all charged up front?
    Yes. You are charged in advance the full discounted price for your subscription choice.
  • I would like to receive a free box to review for my blog/youtube channel. Is that possible?
    We do offer promotional boxes for review, but they are limited to a certain number that we can send out, monthly.
    If you are interested in sharing our product with the world, please contact our support. Please include the name of your blog, monthly statistics and other information that could help us make a decision. Please make sure you meet the following requirements:
    • your site or channel is related to Japanese culture or beauty.
    • your site or channel is established and has consistent views online (unfortunately we cannot work with brand new accounts).
    • you are able to verify that you are the owner of the site or channel, either by email from a certifiable email address or messaging directly from your twitter, facebook or youtube account.


We want to help! Contact our support with any questions you still have and we will reply within 48-72 hours!