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July’s Theme: Midsummer Munchies

Sign up by June 30th and come spend your summer with TokyoTreat! Beat the heat with unique and refreshing Japan exclusive snacks and sweets!

Featured Snacks

Get these featured snacks & MORE in July’s Japanese candy box! Stay tuned for the reveals on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages!

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KitKat Cirtus Mint

The refreshing snack we all need this summer! These Japan exclusive KitKats blend fresh mint with a sweet and sour citrus kick. The best part, there are toasted crepe pieces in the chocolate for extra crunch!

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DIY Bubble Tea Matcha Milk

Boba mania hit Japan, and now it’s coming to you! This matcha milk treat, can be enjoyed anytime! Simple to make, you can enjoy it hot or over ice! Come join in the bubble tea craze!

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Kagome Okinawa Citrus Mix Juice

Enjoy a taste of the island life! This Okinawan juice features plenty of Okinawan fruits and veggies, including pineapple and passionfruit! But the star of the show is the sour and refreshing Okinawan citrus, Shikuwasa! A much needed vitamin C boost!

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Baskin’ Robbins Popping Shower Chocolate

Cool down with this electrifying chocolate from Baskin Robbins! Celebrating their 20 years in Japan for their most popular ice cream, Poppin’ Shower, this white and mint chocolate sweet has a popping candy surprise inside!

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Japanese Doritos Selection

Add a little crunch to your summer with these Japan exclusive Doritos! Japanese Style Wasabi & Soy Sauce, Rich and Tangy Japanese Nacho Cheese, or the Mild and Mellow Mild Salt flavor! Perfect for munching under the sun!

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Long shipping, great content

It took a month and a half to actually get my box, but you get a ton of snacks for what you pay. Will purchase again!

Lindsay G.
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Star Star Star Star Star

Kids loved it!

The kids loved every single thing about this box. Can't wait for the next one!

Amber C.
Star Star Star Star Star

Sharing is Caring

My family and I loved these treats. Can't get enough. I hope to get more of the twisted marshmellows👍

Rosa T.
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Great Japanese Sneak

Love the variety of sneak foods. Its a little bit pricey, but its worth it

canless s.
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Love my toyko treat box

Awesome selection of snacks, love the booklet that explains which snacks are which and great price for the amount given!!

Victoria N.
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Star Star Star Star Star

Great Treats

Excellent selection of both savory and sweet treats

Danielle C.
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Star Star Star Star Star


I recommend the Premium Box. You can get to know cool and interesting flavors.

Maciej P.
Star Star Star Star Star

TokyoTreat Review

Although I've only gotten one box so far (due to the coronavirus) I have enjoyed my experience with TokyoTreat I thought the box had a great balance of sweet/savo...

Eli F.
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Star Star Star Star Star

Blown away

The moment I received my box and opened it ..I was SHOOK! It definitely is worth the money and the wait. Definitely would recommend!

Lockey Y.
Star Star Star Star Star


Should of done this a while ago! Lots of tasty treats thanks for the goods

Zack C.
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