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May’s Theme: Non-Stop Sakura Party

Sign up before 4/30 and join our Non-Stop Sakura Party wherever you are in the world with tasty sakura and spring snacks!

Featured Snacks

Get these featured snacks & MORE in May’s Japanese candy box! Stay tuned for the reveals on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages!

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Sakura Sake KitKats

Bring the party with this super popular Japan limited edition Sakura Sake KitKat! Elegant sakura flavored cream is sandwiched between crunchy wafers, wrapped in sake flavored chocolate!

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Frozen Coca-Cola Lemon

It’s getting warmer, so we want to enjoy the sakura with a frosty coke (literally)! The lemon flavor enhances the classic Coke in this frozen drink. Easy to freeze and easy to enjoy anywhere!

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Hello Kitty Sakura Candy

Say hello to Hello Kitty this sakura season! She is serving you sakura goodness with these cute sakura shaped hard candy! Comes in 3 fruity flavors; Orange, Apple and Peach! And every pack comes with a fortune!

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Sakura Matcha Collon

Taste Japanese spring with Sakura Matcha Collon! Their elegant sakura cream fills a bitter-sweet matcha waffle exterior. Made with 100% Japanese tea and sakura extract, they will make any sakura party a hit! 

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Nissin Spring Coconut Cookies

This crunchy, luxury coconut cookie has a spring limited edition makeover! In your box you will find either the sakura or matcha flavored cookies, made with 100% Japan grown sakura or tea.

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Evaluation of European and Japanese sweets

It’s a different flavor world between Europe and Japan, but regardless, I like the culture and the food itself and the package was good. Thank you :)

Gergő K.
Star Star Star Star Star

So many yummies

The box is incredible, there’s such a wide variety of snacks❤️And the KitKats are the best thing to see on top of the box~

Polly Z.
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Star Star Star Star Star

Love the box

I love this box. Only 1 complaint - no allergy info.

Sarah F.
Star Star Star Star Star

Great box

Loved trying all the new treats can’t wait for the next one

Adam s.
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Star Star Star Star Star

Good mix of snacks in

Good mix of snacks in the box so you don’t just have a box full of the same thing

Jasmine T.
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Star Star Star Star Star

unique snacks !

This is a wonderful boy if you're looking to try snacks with different and unique flavors. I tried my last box with my family they really enjoyed it!

Adriana C.
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Star Star Star Star Star

Great Box!

It came with more stuff than I thought! It was packed with a variety of things that all tasted good:)

Valerie G.
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Star Star Star Star Star

Great products

A great variety of products, shipped in time. Thank you!

Pavel S.
Star Star Star Star Star


I haven’t been disappointed with anything, all the treats that come in the box are super good quality and have great taste

Travis M.
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Star Star Star Star Star

March 2020 box

Loved the March box I got and that was my first box!! Everything was good!

Brittany F.
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