August’s Theme: Tropical Treats

Sign up by July 31st and enjoy some totally tropical Japanese treats! Score fruity KitKats, refreshing Fanta & more!

Featured Snacks

Get these featured snacks & MORE in August’s Japanese candy box! Stay tuned for the reveals on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages!

Fanta Sumomo Plum

Sweet & sour Fanta Sumomo is a refreshing Japan exclusive soda!

KitKat Mango

Inside the summery mango KitKat chocolate you’ll find mellow mango wafers!

Pocky Coconut

Pocky with a tropical twist! Enjoy the choco coconut pretzle for a summer crunch!

Mystery Premium Candy Pack

Time for a summer adventure! We’re mixing it up with mystery treats!

Mike Popcorn Japanese 7 Spice

Give your summer a spicy Japanese kick with fluffy and refreshing popcorn!

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