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What's inside February's Box?

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The sour strawberry grains, sweet red bean cream and light mochi flavored chocolate make Strawberry Mochi KitKats the ultimate Japanese sharing snack!

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This traditional Japanese roasted tea is combined with milk to maximize it’s smooth and rich flavor. The perfect partner for sweet chocolate!

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Crunchy and creamy, this cute Koala biscuit is filled with a strawberry filling! You can #ShareTheLove with the Australian Koala Foundation too, as a portion of all proceeds from every box will be donated by Lotte!

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These sweethearts are coming to you this valentines! Strawberry and chocolate make the perfect valentines combo!

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Can you take on the dragon? This seemingly scary snack has a creamy butter and tarako (Japanese cod roe) flavor!

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The cute heart shape and sweet honey/sour apple two toned flavor of these winter exclusive Pure Gummies are a big hit right now in Japan!

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Fluffy heart shaped marshmallows with a sweet and light strawberry flavor! Giving you cute vibes! 

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Sign up by January 31st and #ShareTheLove with Tasty Japanese Treats!

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