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What's inside August's Box?

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It’s time for a refreshing summer Japanese Coke!  Fresh orange and sweet vanilla have been combined to create the ultimate refreshing summer soda! The must try Japanese drink of the summer!

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This KitKat is totally tropical! Lychee powder is mixed in with gentle salt accents for a fresh and tropical treat! The cream is then sandwiched between light wafers and coated in Lychee flavored chocolate!

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Enjoy the flavor of a Japanese summer festival with Ramune Hi-Chew! The chewy treat comes in two sweet flavors - Ramune and Blue Hawaii! And in the center you’ll find ramune candy for a refreshing and fizzy surprise!

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Who’s that gummy? It’s Pure Gummy Pikachu! This summer exclusive version of Popular Japanese gummy Pure features mango, pineapple & banana flavors with a shocking soda twist! And lucky people will find Pikachu shaped gummies!

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This crunchy Taiyaki treat is swimming your way this August! The light and airy watermelon flavored chocolate will melt in your mouth! Don’t miss out on this traditional Japanese treat!

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Taste the delicious flavors of the Japanese sea side! These addictive salty rice crackers use Hiroshima grown lemons for an acidic twist! The perfect light summer snack!

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Sign up to TokyoTreat using code KITKAT20 to get a guaranteed Japanese KitKats, from Summer & Regional exclusives to a 60 piece Japanese KitKat treat! Current subscribers can join in too by renewing or extending their plans via the customer portal!

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Sign up by July 31st and get your snack on this summer with these tropical Japanese treats and summer exclusive goodies!

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Sign up to TokyoTreat using code KITKAT20 to get a guaranteed Japanese KitKats, from Summer & Regional exclusives to a 60 piece Japanese KitKat treat!