What is Tokyotreat?

TokyoTreat is a Tokyo based subscription service that delivers the most exciting and most premium Japanese snacks and candies to your door monthly. Discover seasonal and limited edition Japanese treats that you won’t find anywhere else! From the salty to the sweet to the sour, we’ll take you on an exquisite snacking journey every month!

What's in my box?Chips & Biscuits

Crunchy and crispy treats in flavors that only Japan can come up with!

Chips & Biscuits Chips & Biscuits

What's in my box?Candy & Gummies

Colorful and juicy sweets in cute shapes and fun packaging.

Candy & Gummies Candy & Gummies

What's in my box?Chocolate

From wasabi to green tea flavor, try unique Japanese offerings of the classically milky treat.

Chocolate Chocolate

What's in my box?Dagashi Bag

An assortment of 5 dagashi snacks randomly chosen every month from our pool of dagashis including 1 Umaibo.

Dagashi Bag Dagashi Bag

What's in my box?Wagashi

Experience traditional Japan with these treats that have stood the test of time.

Wagashi Wagashi

What's in my box?DIY Kits

Make your own fun and colorful tasty snacks!

DIY Kits DIY Kits

What's in my box?Drinks

Delicious soft drinks in flavors that can only be found in Japan.

Drinks Drinks

What's in my box?Items

From traditional to anime character goods, it’s always a fun surprise every month.

Items Items

Why TokyoTreat?

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