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Treat Yourself Snack box from Japan!

Enjoy a monthly box full of Japanese candy and snacks! Delivered from Japan to your door.


Brands We Feature

Your Japanese candy box features authentic Japanese snacks from your favorite brands!


What's In Your Box?

Check out what types of unique Japanese snacks we send your way!

  • Authentic

    100% Authentic Treats

    Your snack box is curated, packed, and delivered to you straight from Japan!

  • Exclusive

    Exclusive & Limited Edition

    Want that rare Japanese candy? We've got your cravings covered!

  • Happiness

    Happiness Guaranteed

    Treat yourself to a Japan box and get your snackin' on!

Item 01

Popular Snacks

Lookin' for that good stuff? We got you covered with treats from unique Japanese kit kat to traditional wagashi.

Item 02

Share Pack

Your Japan box just keeps on giving! Share packs with four individual servings makes sure you can share with a friend or snack on the go!

Item 03

Party Pack

Want to throw a tasting party or share with your family? You can find some awesome party packs in your snack box!

Item 04


A lil' of this, a lil' of that! Your Japanese snack box will have lots of popular everyday snacks enjoyed in Japan!

Item 05


Japanese drinks, like ramune, are famous worldwide! Discover uniquely flavored drinks so you can quench your urge for them too!

Item 06

Anime Snacks

Love anime themed snacks!? So do we!! We love to include fun character snacks into your Japanese subscription box!

Item 07

Kinosei Snacks

Better your memory! Cure a sore throat! Aren't Japanese snacks amazing!? Treat yourself to some of this surprising Japanese candy!

Past Boxes

Wondering what we have included before? Check out our past snack boxes below and find out!

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February 2018

For Your Sweetheart

2ceab9225f9747dbeb04a3d6c62e5fd11491ec30 jan2018 pastbox

January 2018

New Year Party

48588ae0f7ce4d49f70789ca197e1cbce757ec6c dec2017 pastbox

December 2017

Snack Euphoria

6fa47eec77dc62e47bf57f59b8c985f23b231205 home pastbox november

November 2017

Flavorful Thanksgiving Feast

D58d41fe2abde86faa87478a98f3cf9590bcd8a7 home pastbox october

October 2017


05b16655455eedffa2aa20a5643f3fcb0afaf4d2 home pastbox september

September 2017

Japanese Characters

How TokyoTreat Works

Choose Your Plan

Our plans come in two sizes! Just choose one, place your order, and your Japanese subscription box will ship right away!

Choose The Duration

The more you snack, the more you save! Get the best Japan box for you!

Premium mobile

$35 /month


17 Full-size items including:
5 Popular Japanese snacks
1 Party pack
4 Share packs
3 Dagashi
1 Anime snack
1 DIY candy kit
1 Kinosei snack
1 Japanese drink (250~500ml)
1 Booklet
FREE Shipping Worldwide

Classic mobile

$25 /month


12 Full-size items including:
4 Popular Japanese snacks
4 Share packs
2 Dagashi
1 DIY candy kit
1 Kinosei snack
1 Booklet
FREE Shipping Worldwide

1 month

1 Month


Total price: $25.00

3 month

3 Months


Total price: $72.00
You save $3.00!

6 month

6 Months


Total price: $138.00
You save $12.00!

12 month

12 Months


Total price: $270.00
You save $30.00!

1 month

1 Month


Total price: $35.00

3 month

3 Months


Total price: $100.50
You save $4.50!

6 month

6 Months


Total price: $192.00
You save $18.00!

12 month

12 Months


Total price: $378.00
You save $42.00!

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