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Our Discovery

Japanese snacks aren’t only tasty and rich in variety, but they’re also immensely fun to eat (or even play with) due to their uniqueness! Whenever we visit friends abroad they ask us to bring them Japanese snacks that they can’t get locally. This situation spawned the awareness that people outside of Japan DO want to enjoy Japanese snacks without having to spend a small fortune. This, lead to the birth of TokyoTreat!

Our Snacks

Japanese snacks are always evolving to meet today’s consumer needs. You can also find seasonal and limited edition snacks, which is less common elsewhere. In Japan, new types of snacks are always coming and going off the shelves of candy shops and convenience stores throughout the country. Because of this, the snacks we send you are fresh and are of the latest trend!

Our Mission

To make Japanese snacks widely available for all at a far cheaper cost!
Since we’re based in Japan, we can easily procure the most popular and most seasonal snacks around. This allows TokyoTreat to work directly with local suppliers and cut the product costs way down for you to be able to afford! With TokyoTreat we promise to send you a flat-rate box, full of a variety of full-sized Japanese candies that have been carefully selected by our staff for just $34.99/month. We promise you there will always be free worldwide shipping!

Why Tokyotreat?

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