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Tokyo Tower

Our Discovery

Japanese candy and snacks aren’t only tasty and rich in variety (and generally not as sweet as their Western counterparts!), but Japanese candy kits are also immensely fun to make and eat (or even play with) at all ages! Plus, whenever we visit friends outside of Japan, they ask us to bring them Japanese snacks that they can’t get locally. This situation spawned the awareness that people outside of Japan also want to enjoy Japanese candy without having to pay an arm and a leg. This lead to the birth of the TokyoTreat Japanese snack box!

Our Snacks

The treats that we put in our Japanese snack box are always evolving to meet your expectations and represent the latest hits in Japanese candy and snacks. Japan prides itself on its love of nature by creating seasonal and limited-edition snacks dedicated to the beautiful four seasons found in Japan, like Pepsi Sakura, which we shared with you in our Premium Box during cherry blossom season. Because of the changing seasons and trends, the snacks we send you are always fresh and current!

Our Mission

To make each month a little brighter with a Japanese snack box available to all at a crazy-good value!

Since we’re based near the great Tokyo Tower, we can easily procure the most-popular and most-seasonal snacks available. TokyoTreat works directly with local suppliers to cut the costs way down to give you a far more wallet-friendly Japan box filled with treats from Japan! We at TokyoTreat promise to send you a flat-rate box full of a variety of full-sized Japanese candy that has been thoughtfully selected by our merchandisers for just $34.99/month with free worldwide shipping! In addition, we also take care to include a cute item in our Premium Boxes to introduce Japan's kawaii culture to you.

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