TOKYOTREAT is a subscription-based service that delivers the most premium Japanese snacks and candies to your door monthly. From the salty, sour to the sweet, discover limited edition Japanese treats that you won't find anywhere else!


Based in Tokyo

  • Direct and speedy distribution channel.

    Japanese snack and candy trend change very frequently that new product hit the store shelves every month.
    Based in Tokyo, we have immediate access to the newest lineup for the season through our direct partnership with the local distributors and manufacturers.
    We are not talking about the standard Kit Kats or Pocky.
    We are talking about the highly seasonal Sakura Kit Kats, freezable Country Ma’am cookies, LOOK sweet potato chocolate, Honey Butter Chips and many other rare snacks!

    Most of these snacks are not available outside Japan due to two reasons: limited quantity and the regulated distribution channel. For example, to publish a candy for public consumption, every manufacturer needs to pass the lengthy and slow application procedures designated by the local government, i.e. FDA.
    This does not cope well with the monthly changing Japanese snacks trend, especially for limited edition product with limited quantity.

    Same goes with our non-Japan competitors. Without being physically in Japan, they have to go through their local importers which can only procure the overseas/outdated edition of the snacks.



    This result in the candies being seasonally-outdated as it has to wait to be shipped in a container for a month before being distributed from foreign distribution center. The changing hands also mean that the distribution cost is higher (twice shipping fees) which gets passed onto the customers.
    That’s why you’ll see lower quality candies (more dagashi and cheap gums) in foreign-based Japanese subscription boxes.

    In contrast, TokyoTreat cuts all the middleman and directly ship you the latest snacks and candy lineup from Japan (including the pre-releases one!).

  • Fresh from the factory.

    All our candies and snacks are MTO (make to order) which means that they are produced right after orders are placed. We do FIFO (First In First Out) inventory flow control daily so that our subscribers can enjoy fresh snacks. Combined with fast shipping by Japan Post, this ensure our customers get only the freshest candy from Japan.

Quality candies

  • Authentically Japanese.

    You can’t get more original than Japanese candies shipped directly from Tokyo, Japan!
    Owned and operated by a Japanese team, we strive for authenticity, featuring only trusted brands and favorites of true Tokyo citizens.
    We understand that our subscribers are savvy consumers who want high-quality, authentic Japanese snacks and we’re here for that!

  • Carefully handpicked. Balanced treats.

    We work side-by-side with Japan biggest candy distributors to carefully handpick the contents to be included in our monthly box. We balance the proportions between chocolate, salty chips, candy, dagashi, DIY and drinks to leave you feeling well-rounded with your snack box.

    Other Japanese subscription boxes giving you tons of gums and dagashi? Not us. We don’t believe in overstuffing your box with cheap fillers like gums and dagashi just to increase the profit margin. We have a team of curators who daily debates on the taste balance, visual experience and seasonality of the snacks we put into our box.

  • Full size treats only. No sample size.

    One of the biggest issues we saw with current candy subscription programs was the small candies that were being sent. They take a large bag with a lot of fun-sized candy and just send a few in a box. We dont believe that and as a result, we only send full sized, premium candy.

Free worldwide shipping

  • No matter where you live, it’s always free!

    We are a close partner of Japan Post (Takanawa, Tokyo) and we are number #1 Japanese snacks box shipper in Japan in terms of shipping quantity. This results in us getting major discounts for shipment rates and allow us to provide free shipping worldwide and higher candy quality. FYI, we have already shipped to 85 countries.. for FREE!

  • Fast shipping with 4 schedule.

    In contrast to typical monthly boxes, we expedite our delivery by shipping every week. Granted, you would only get one box per month since it’s a monthly box. However, by distributing the shipping volume, we take precautionary measures to prevent shipping delays and shorten the delivery time.

  • Japan Post is the top postal service in the world.

    Japan Post ranks #1 as the most trusted postal service in the world and number #2 for efficiency. High deliverability rate combined with fast and reliable shipping by Japan Post ensures your candies to stay fresh on time every month!