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Kyo Hayashiya

Fruity Sencha & Hojicha Tea Set

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Kyo Hayashiya
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Indulge in the serene world of Japanese tea with Flavored Sencha and Hojicha Tea Set, featuring three exquisite varieties:

 White Peach Hojicha, Grape Sencha Tea, and Apple and Rose Sencha Tea (5 bags each).

White Peach Hojicha is infused with the delectably sweet aroma of white peach.

Grape Sencha Tea is enhanced with the irresistibly fruity aroma of Shine Muscat and Kyoho grapes.

Apple and Rose Sencha Tea beautifully combines the sweet and tangy notes of apples with the delicate essence of rose flowers.

This gift set celebrates the finest Japanese teas, each carefully selected to provide a unique and enchanting aromatic experience.

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Kyo HayashiyaFruity Sencha & Hojicha Tea Set
$29.00 USD
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