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Kyo Hayashiya

Matcha Milk Powdered Drink

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Kyo Hayashiya
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Looking for a delightful twist on your matcha fix?

Introducing the delectable Matcha Milk Powdered Drink!

This drink harmonizes the bold bitterness of matcha with the creamy goodness of milk.

Made with carefully selected Uji matcha, each sip delivers a smooth and rich matcha milk experience.

Indulge in the perfect balance of flavors in every sip of this delicious Japanese matcha milk powder!

Enjoy it hot or iced.

▼ Instructions for Hot Tea ▼ 
① Add 1 tablespoon of the matcha milk powder to a cup,
② Warm 150ml of your preferred milk,
③ Pour 50ml of your warm milk into the matcha milk powder and mix,
④ Once combined, add the remaining mix and enjoy!

▼ Instructions for Cold Tea ▼ 
① Add 1.5 tablespoons of the matcha milk powder to a cup,
② Mix in a small amount of hot water to dissolve the milk powder,
③ Pour 150ml of your preferred cold milk into your cup and enjoy!

Note: The matcha milk powder does not contain milk.

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Kyo HayashiyaMatcha Milk Powdered Drink
$15.00 USD
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