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Sakuraco Shareable Snack Rescue Box

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$45.0 USD
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Introducing the delightful Sakuraco Shareable Snack Rescue Box - the perfect way to enjoy and save delicious treats while eliminating snack waste!

This exclusive collaboration between Sakuraco X JapanHaul brings you a selection of delectable snacks from Japan, all ready to be shared and savored!

Each Sakuraco Shareable Snack Rescue Box comes with 10+ items and is valued at over $45+ MSRP!

The snack box offers a variety of delightful treats and comes with 2 sets of snacks, or comes in a sharable bag. Share the joys of Japan with these tasty treats!

Plus, it all comes in a limited-edition Sakuraco box, adding an extra touch of charm to your snacking experience!

Some items in the box may have slight breakage or have surpassed their "Best Before" or "Sell By" dates. However, it's important to note that these dates are merely manufacturer recommendations.

Rest assured, every item in the Snack Rescue Box is still unopened, perfectly edible, and absolutely delicious! Join us in the mission to reduce snack waste and enjoy the delightful flavors of Japan with the Sakuraco Shareable Snack Rescue Box.

Order yours today and indulge in a variety of snacks that are too good to be wasted!

Note: Surface Mail shipping is unavailable when purchasing the Snack Rescue Box due to the consumption period for some products best before or sell by dates.

*The sweets in the image are examples.

*No returns or refunds will be accepted after the product arrives.

This item is not included within Free Shipping. Please refer to the Shipping Support Page for further information.

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IchigoSakuraco Shareable Snack Rescue Box
$30.00 USD
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