April 2020: Sakura Snacktime!

Take a peek in our April box!

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Sakura Mochi KitKats
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Sakura Milk Caramel Corn
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Sakura Nectar Peach
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Japanese Mr. Onion Snacks
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Mashrō Japanese Marshmallow
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Sakura Pocky
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Wasabi Cheetos
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Aji Japanese Curry Chips
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Yamato Salty Fries
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Japanese Turtle Crackers
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Japanese Taiarare Crackers
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Chocolate Umaibō
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New Mochi Tarō Snacks
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Japanese Sour Cider Gummies
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Banana Man Japanese marshmallow
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Salty Full Moon Pon Japanese cracker
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Pandaro Butter Cookies
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