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August 2017: Asian Summer Festival

Feast your eyes on the delicious Japanese snacks found in our past snack boxes!

6088bd88b3f92f98f7ae08a7224fe65b58adab9d p chocobi melon flavor
Chocobi Melon Flavor
3a34fc3ed66c94c759ea51ad577913249fce3f0f p dinosaur island pudding
Dinosaur Island Pudding
80b8a86bae64405f29ec283a9a15996b38343df8 p japanese hand fan1
Japanese Hand Fan
33c43242a58ee114063209f1bae6ac879da7b9eb p kirin world kitchen s salty lychee drink
Kirin World Kitchen's Salty Lychee Drink
Fa767d4264415cb4aeacc3755f82a9caf3ae468c p picola mango yogurt
Picola Mango Yogurt
13f14a1e717ffef09a15e25d033bb0ee82d0fc8f r calpis pineapple gummies
Calpis Pineapple Gummies
7121c132bb0f3efe16f73dc2d1d97d5be2f97f63 r caramel corn cream soda flavor
Caramel Corn Cream Soda Flavor
21090ae66109e7a723c5930c0d36f4ab7a4322c1 r choco bar z   white chocolate
Choco Bar Z - White Chocolate
Eb6b68a0ed7710f078a381aac6962f67b8f12bb7 r corn potage snack
Corn Potage Snack
Bf574d07cdcfcaf1bc7e0dcab7721f81f42499ed r niigata chewy senbei
Niigata Chewy Senbei
75d2a0ed374f60ac56aa3450524764b47dcdf24c s bake coriander
BAKE Limited Edition Coriander Flavor
Ed65cdb9850e9095e4406b16499bc9d6432bcfb5 s dagashimix
Dagashi Mix
A211480f5d7b501633dae1cf63d0b11ff65943e1 s mitsuya mandarin orange gummies
Mitsuya Mandarin Orange Gummies
393fa2ae83d692b7e63158e7f7e547cea8d7e587 s super thin pretz   edamame flavor
Super Thin PRETZ - Edamame Flavor
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