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August 2018: Fruity Ninjas

Take a peek at the Japanese candy inside our August Japanese snack box!

F09458fc7e319d6a7e46b6edfa7582b525f8ba76 august 2018 coca cola clear 0
Coca-Cola Clear
Efe95415ef31153569d874b5bfab6de5e8cadcc8 august 2018 melon bread cookies party pack 1
Melon Bread Cookies Party Pack
7aaf9f3b2108f8228501a573556eee35109c05ad august 2018 pocky double lemon white chocolate 2
Pocky Double Lemon White Chocolate
1e7939ee6bddfb6829f089ff1e520650c065acd8 august 2018 disney tsum tsum chocolate bar 3
Disney Tsum Tsum Chocolate Bar
9a37e7b35c10ed3d683f56e6bc327ab6aeeebd34 august 2018 banana man marshmallow 4
Banana Man Marshmallow
076edd988f4416fda8a140dfd336798e482c5225 august 2018 chip star lemon chips 5
Chip Star Lemon Chips
1c6cc9b10c725d6ec864eba218417116011be400 august 2018 chocolate mint caramel corn 6
Chocolate Mint Caramel Corn
7fdbdd7ff67a0bde65304df88a219ab498c267c5 august 2018 fruit granola black thunder 7
Fruit Granola Black Thunder
5b68a0f0ede99fce1a88474a3e40017af761b59d august 2018 cheese rice puffs 8
Cheese Rice Puffs
56b3852d4d9b142c924354ad1896a049a442748d august 2018 melon jelly drink diy japanese candy kit 9
Melon Jelly Drink DIY Japanese Candy Kit
798662cfca9b61a57cd348c771d5b8a9959a809b august 2018 cinnamon apple pie umaibo 10
Cinnamon Apple Pie Umaibo
E1b6bb145840baa1b49bcc0eff96fed06cc7294d august 2018 shimi corn share pack 11
Shimi Corn Share Pack
Cfdcf725824486f8d905178f1a41fdc5b9c4ca7d august 2018 honey apple hard candy 12
Honey Apple Hard Candy
5ad8a4ca36179839884867171eb868d065161810 august 2018 fruit donut gummy 13
Fruit Donut Gummy