August 2019: Slice of Summer

Take a peek inside our August box.

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Tohato Caramel Corn Ramune
86d630e33f3ddc7119b4d2641da1d971cd45bfa1 cp fruit gummies
Fruit Gummies
E578145210fc891300cc247eed9b153d375ee67b cp calbee wasabi potato chips
Calbee Wasabi Potato Chips
69d6f360a59666e2a02d0451248fd7a43279a0de cp coris fruit shop candy
Coris Fruit Shop Soft Candy DIY
8cff9e5720b6c8f45c48ebdd1ef4c36353e25321 cp crab biscuit 4 packs
Crab Biscuit 4 Pack
Fbe3dd0203a6bc21b08b32e0fb8ca6945c764bac cp grape ramune candies
Grape Ramune Candies
63df335298bfbcda985c83f8a84ad8cab0f696f3 cp fruit ramune powder candy
Fruit Ramune Powder Candy
C700b91931e927552063680cf07a8034ea612ff6 cp mandarin orange gummies
Mandarin Orange Gummies
9c231ce397f7a3fa65389ee6e4aaf9240f275524 cp texas corn salty
Texas Corn Salty
E97f31e3721a30f16c64dc8803747cfe702b9108 cp salt and lemon kitkat
Salt and Lemon Kit Kat
984bb8827333fce8168479d408389f4c709f2323 cp pepsi refresh shot
Pepsi Refresh Shot
66c8c10a263623f55a3506f14921891932759dc4 cp umaibo lemon
Umaibo Lemon
59b3cd6207471d09996d332d5b13e9bb6a4eadde cp pokemon sun and moon gum
Pokemon Sun and Moon Gum
E7042c009dc5ed694774641bf0b7d966b93b3371 cp strawberry soft serve
Strawberry Soft Serve
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